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I recently joined Dress Code out of UT as a style consultant and they are opening up a new Territory here in Colorado that offers personal service at your doorstep or office for measuring and fittings.   They have put a lot of time and investment in their custom fine mens suits, shirts and outerwear.   You can pick from a numerous amount of fabrics, linings and accessories.  The very good thing about this is that the custom fitted suits start at $300 and go up to $495.   We've been given a full men's suit and shirt to show the quality of their suits and they stand behind their "Perfect Fit" guarantee.   If alterations are needed after the initial fitting, there is no further charge to the customer.   I hope this takes off - it seems so perfect.

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I've used both Evan Delaney and Bespoke Edge (Ron Wagner) for M2M suits and shirts and have been really happy with the results.  


Evan's product line seemed geared for a higher end clientele, and he travels to different parts of the US to serve his clients.  He doesn't use web marketing, and his business model seems to be based more on word-of-mouth.  He has decades of experience in the fabric and fashion industry, and accordingly, his fabrics are very nice, though I only used his lower price-point offerings from Scabal.  Evan's strengths are that he has extensive experience and knowledge, is aware of regional differences in men's fashion (helpful if you'll be at meetings/interviews out East but live in CO), and his measurements resulted in a perfect trim fit from the start without modification (except for sleeve length). Evan's products appear elegantly refined with fit and quality of materials emphasized over flashiness. Evan also offers very nice overcoats.  


Bespoke Edge is a newer company with less experience doing M2M that seems to market itself to a less-formal Colorado aesthetic.  Many of their featured designs seem to announce that they're custom due to unique, visible details (ex. contrast stitching at buttonholes, unusual cuffs, etc).  They have a bigger web presence that they use for marketing.  They are capable of making formal, conservative business dress, but that's not the main emphasis of their internet image (other than weddings).  Ron Wagner of BE tends to wear a slightly looser fit of clothing than Evan, and his default fit will be slightly roomier than Evan's, but not by much and not in an objectionable way.  


Shirts: Both use the same shirt maker in New Jersey.  Evan defaults to using mother of pearl buttons whereas BE charges extra for MOP as an upgrade.  Evan doesn't charge for shipping (though it must be built into his pricing somehow) but BE passes that cost directly on to the customer as a clear surcharge.  As a result, BE's initial prices start a little lower than Evan's, but when comparing apples to apples their pricing is similar.  Evan prefers a 4 shirt minimum order whereas BE doesn't, so BE may be more economical to try for one or two shirts.  Evan's default collar is more substantial, so your points stay under your lapel, which I like.  If you know what you want (i.e. have specific measurements or know exactly how you want the fit to be), then either can achieve the same result though.


Suits: For M2M suits, initial pricing from both is comparable.  BE offers more options on their M2M jackets and pants, and I like BE's M2M pants more than Evan's.  Evan agrees that his M2M suitmaker's pants aren't as nice as they could be, so he offers to use a bespoke pant maker in the US for the pants as an option.  This results in a hybrid of M2M jacket with bespoke pants.  Evan's jackets hang on me a little better, and his fabrics are a little nicer (BE's lower price point fabric is still very nice), but my BE suit jacket is slightly more comfortable.  All together, I like the suits from either company equally.  I don't know how their higher tier lines compare with each other as they were out of my price range.  I think Evan has a better tailor (an older Italian man who lives out of state) in the event that adjustments are necessary, and because of this, he'll order your first suit with working button holes already made.  If a sleeve length isn't perfect, his tailor will adjust it.  In contrast, BE orders the first suit without buttons, then adjusts the sleeve length before cutting the working button holes at an additional charge.  Subsequent suits from BE will come with working holes cut by the manufacturer at no additional cost.


Both Evan and Ron provide outstanding service, are honest, fair and sincere.  They never rushed or pressured me to pick a particular swatch or make a sale.  They patiently took whatever amount of time necessary to answer all my questions and provide guidance.  I've received many compliments on clothing from either of them.  If you know exactly what you want, then either should work fine--they'll listen to your ideas and make suggestions in accordance.  For traditional business dress, both are solid choices--Evan will know exactly what you want from the start while you may need to refrain from BE's typical ornamentation.  I'd suggest you give each a try to see which one's M2M suit maker fits your body better.  For slacks only, I'd go with BE, or at a higher price point, use Evan's bespoke pant maker.  I think Evan's bespoke pants are nicer than BE's M2M pants because they're lined and fit me better which I attribute to a more complex construction.


If you're new to custom clothing and would prefer advice to help you design the perfect pieces (i.e. you're not entirely sure what you want), then I'd select Evan if you want business or formal dress or BE if you're more interested in less formal or more creative / obviously custom pieces.  Evan will guide you along a conservative path so you'll get a timeless classic usable in many situations despite his many swatches or your temptations to do otherwise.  He can make a fashion-forward suit for you, but he won't recommend it until you've already built a versatile wardrobe (unless you really want something unorthodox or trendy from the start).  Ron at BE will be more likely to offer interesting details like contrast stitching and collar/cuff material from the start.  If you're looking for your first M2M shirt or suit, you can probably start out at a lower price point with BE.  Conversely, if you want something exotic or very high end, then Evan may be a better choice.  Also, if you'd like an overcoat, then Evan is your guy.  His overcoats are phenomenal in terms of fit and fabrics.  I think Evan also has a line of high end shoes.  Lastly, turnaround time is similar for either company.


Lastly, both companies offer a higher tier line of bespoke suits that I haven't tried.  I achieved a great fit with their M2M lines, so I was satisfied at that level.


Summary of strengths:


Evan Delaney:

1) Formal/traditional/business suits

2) Bespoke pants

3) Overcoats

4) Default is higher end

5) Closer to Colorado Springs

6) Will travel to various US cities


Bespoke Edge:

1) Creative shirts

2) M2M Slacks

3) Broader M2M suit options

4) Closer to Ft. Collins

5) Potentially more economical

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