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Alterations tailor in Oxford, UK

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Does anyone know of a good alterations tailor in Oxford, UK? I just need the sleeves of a jacket shortened.

Thanks in advance!
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Sometime back I was situated in Oxford and used these guys -

Service & quality of the work was superb (and very reasonable).
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Thanks Northampton smile.gif!

I will give them a try. There are a few alterations tailors in city centre but looking at some reviews online some of them don't seem that great...
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I give everything to Ede & Ravenscroft; they've done plenty of alterations work for me on items that aren't theirs. I'm pretty confident that they offer this alterations service to anyone, not just existing clients, but I must admit that I'm not 100% certain of that. You could just give them a call to save you a wasted journey if I'm wrong. They're probably a few quid more expensive than a pure alterations tailor but I know where I am with them, and am happy with that, so I haven't been motivated to shop around. Oh, one other thing: they send the majority of alteration work away to be done elsewhere so it's about a fortnight's turnaround on items, generally.


Good luck in your search!


PS. nice boots you have for sale and in approximately my size too... pity I'm not in the market for such a pair right now.

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I wanted to bump this thread up because I was also looking for an alterations tailor in Oxford. I live on High St. and don't have a car, so it would have to be very very local (will have a look at Ede & Ravenscroft soon). Also, if anybody know of a dry cleaner, this would also be great. The consensus seems to be that there are no decent dry cleaners anywhere near High St.
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there is a new shop that do alteration of Cowley road but I cannot tell if the service is good. It believe it is called Vic. Talking about dry cleaners be very careful to read the reviews online as really few dry cleaners (maybe one) seems to leave most the customers happy. One in the city center next to Coffee Republic seems to be like the worse shop ever in all Oxford.
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Well, I've only used Ede, but there's an alterations place on the High St just opposite the Exam Schools and next to Olives deli (IIRC from walking past, it's called Simply Sewing) and a couple of dry cleaners that also offer alterations on New Inn Hall St and Park End Street (sorry, can't remember the names of them, but an internet search should pull them up). I think there is/used an alterations tailor on Broad Street, next to the Oxfam shop. Can't comment on quality/service/cost of any of these (I've never used them) but I suppose they're worth sounding out if you don't want to use Ede.


Edit to add: the one on New Inn Hall St is the same one next to Coffee Republic mentioned by loiclac, so from his experience it sounds like you should avoid it.


Personally, for dry cleaning, I've had good experiences with the Johnsons branch in Headington. Provided you're clear in advance, they've managed a 3-2 roll and even more remarkably, have managed to softly pressed a linen jacket's lapels so that it retains its roll. They say that everything is hand-pressed, so I suppose that's why specific explanations make a difference. However, that recommendation is of no use to Theo upthread if he doesn't have a car.


BTW, I saw someone dressed in a rather funky Victorian - almost Sherlockian or perhaps steampunky - outfit going into the big Tesco's just off the ring road in Cowley today. I think I've seen him in that outfit once or twice before. Ballsy thing to wear; if you're on this board and reading this, my metaphorical hat's off to you.

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I've received rather indifferent service from Simply sewing. There is a dry cleaner in Summertown, opposite the Tesco, which was very friendly and effective in terms of repairs and alterations.
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I will be taking six pairs of suit trousers that need taking in to Nasrin ( ) tonight, will let you know how I get on!
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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

I give everything to Ede & Ravenscroft; they've done plenty of alterations work for me on items that aren't theirs. I'm pretty confident that they offer this alterations service to anyone, not just existing clients, but I must admit that I'm not 100% certain of that.

You're right: I've used them for alterations and am certainly not a bespoke customer! They're very friendly, too.
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I'm thinking of getting some clothes altered in Oxford and was wondering how people had got on with Nasrin? I'm also looking at getting some shirts altered and was wondering if Ede and Ravenscroft did this for shirts that aren't theirs and roughly what the cost might be. Cheers

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I've had six pairs of trousers altered by Nasrin and she has done a fantastic job. Was a bit pricey though (she originally wanted £35 a pair!) but we all love to haggle wink.gif
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Thanks mate, I think I'll go with Nasrin. Always good to get in a bit of haggling too!

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Just to keep you all in the loop, I went to Ede & Ravenscroft today to have a jacket sleeve shortened, and they turned me down, indicating a new policy of only tailoring items that have been purchased at their shop. This seems to be a new policy, as I had trousers tailored by them a few months back.

I then stopped by David Clarke above the Cafe Creme shop on Broad St. He quoted me £55 to shorten sleeves and £85 to do a fairly routine slimming of the back. This was way more pricey than I had anticipated (though I admit that I'm used to North American prices for tailoring). I would expect to pay about $40 for a sleeve shortening and maybe $60-80 for a back tailoring at some pretty quality tailors back home.

I then went to Simply Sewing on High St. and spoke to Ham. He was very nice and seemed quite knowledgeable. He originally looked to charge me £110 together, but I spoke him down a little bit to £100.

I haven't seen the result, but in the end, I probably regret somewhat spending so much to alter a jacket I don't intend to keep for too long (this was a cheap-po polyestor/viscose black tie from Debenhams that I anticipate I'll use at most twice a year for 3-4 years). I would definitely try and have anything routine like shortened sleeves done at a dry cleaner (hopefully for £20ish).

I have to say: having stuff tailored for affordable prices in Oxford is really asking for trouble.
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Hi all,


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