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Help me! im skinny!

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Okay, I'm 6'0 tall, 150 lbs., and I have a rediculously high metabolism, I can't seem to keep any weight I put on. I dont have a lot of time for the gym or workout sessions, I drink a protien shake every morning. I need to start building more muscle and put on some weight. Any tips, solutions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. I am desperate.
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If you want to put on weight, I would say take more than just the protein shake. That's, of course, my opinion. I'm just not into all the creatine and metabolife. I'd prefer to know that any physique I might have is of my own doing. So eat big (healthy) meals. And try to make time for the gym. Trust me, I more than understand a busy schedule, but the gym is an important component in muscle mass. Good luck.
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1) Work out. This means LIFT WEIGHTS. Not running, not jogging, no treadmills. Actually, LIFT WEIGHTS. Use the Nautilus machines, go to the gym, go often, once a week at least. And when you lift, don't lift heavy, lift SLOWLY. And lift evenly - use all the machines, not just the bicep machine. Don't use Creatine - it's a huge waste of money because you won't lift nearly as often to make it worthwhile. Protein mixes are fine if you can tolerate the disgusting chalky taste. I never use them and I'm looking just fine. Muscles are made of microscopic fibers. When you contract your muscles, to lift weight, the fibers come together. Then when you release weight, those fibers pull apart leaving microscopic tears in the tissue. As your body repairs those tissues, your muscles grow. So the important part of any exercise is not the lift, but the release. Release agonizingly slowly. Count to two when you pick up. Count to four each time you release. Work opposite parts of the muscle. 12 reps of biceps, 12 reps of triceps. etc. 2) Eat. Eat a lot. Often. To gain weight, you have to eat. You should eat six times a day. That means protein. Protein builds muscle. That means chicken breast. Turkey. Fish is okay. No hamburgers. Eggs are fine. If you were watching your cholesterol it would maybe be bad, but you are not, so go ahead. Also complex carbs. That means always whole-wheat bread. Never white. Oatmeal. Two vegetables a day. That means one salad, one steamed vegetable. Olive oil, sunflower oil and canola oil. Nuts. Raisins. Lots of fruit. After you work out, you have a half-hour window where your body needs protein. You have to eat as much as possible in that window. If you eat healthy a LOT and work out steadily, you will start to look really really good. Even you.
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Thanks fellas, I'll keep you all posted.
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Just wanted to say - I understand where you are coming from. You definitely need to work out with weights and eat about six meals a day - or three meals and two protein shakes. Unfortunately, if you're like me, you will be skinny for quite a while. At your age, 19 I believe, I was 6'2", 140 lbs. I didn't go over 155 until I was 29. I am now, 34, 6'2" and a whopping 170 lbs. Think about it this way, would you rather be trying to lose weight. Enjoy what you have. Oh - another suggestion - Get Married I, and all of my friends, have picked up a few pounds since taking our vows. Bradford
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Get Married, I thought you were trying to help me? When I said I was desperate, you have to expect some limitations. Just Kidding. But thanks.
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OK - I guess you don't have to get married, but you're definitely missing the easiest way to gain weight - both for you and your bride Oops - did I just say that - please don't tell my wife. Bradford
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