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How to tell whether RL pants are legitimate?

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I've googled and everything I've found deals with Ralph Lauren polos, no info on pants. Does anyone know how to spot a fake?

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If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. The best way to dodge fakes is not to get suckered in by low, low prices. Otherwise, look at images of tags/logos on eBay or google. All but the best fake tags have something "off" about them. It is hard to define, but if you look at 100 tags in a row the 1-2 that are slightly different do indeed stand out.
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Do RL pants have the pony logo?


What should I look for on the label? I know with polos the originals always use the thread of the same color as the shirt while the fakes tend to use white thread, I guess that's the case with pants, too. Is there anything else?


Don't they have a sown in tag on the back over the pockets? Is there something about that I can look for?


Also if anyone can tell me how to tell whether Burberry pants are fakes or not I'd appreciate it.


This looks suspect to me:




The way the threading doesn't line up with the cut of the leather patch.

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jeezus, it is a pair of pants, how insecure must you be in order to wear brand name pants? no one cares if what brand pants you wear, next time save yourself the trouble and buy a pair of pants from sears, they look 99% the same as higher priced pants and you won't get scammed, unless you want to end up like foo creating a thread after he got scammed $8000 for buying some pants. what a mess.
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It's quite easy for me to spot RL knock-offs. If they come from the local stores and cost a few RMB, they're counterfeit. Same for most other lux designer brands.

Counterfeit Burberry can be quite easy to spot sometimes...

However I'm sure some of the knock-offs come from the same sweatshops as the real stuff.
Evisu, Burberry, RL or whatever, orders 100,000 pieces from their contractor, but the contractor actually makes 200,000 pieces, including rejects. It's called unauthorised second runs.

If something has wonky stitching on a label, could just be a second rather than counterfeit.

I bought a Polo Ralph Lauren dress shirt a few weeks ago for 40 RMB (about $6 USD), Its a very well made shirt, IMO looks good and should last OK.
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