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Interview help!

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Ok guys, I have a big problem I need help with. I have an interview in London at Merrill Lynch on Tuesday, and I have this little problem. When I have to talk a lot in a high pressure situation, my mouth becomes drier than the Sahara Desert. Once my mouth becomes like this, it is hard to keep my flow of words smooth. Is there anything I can take before or during the interview that will help me keep saliva in my mouth??
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Drink a lot of water prior to the interview (but not too much where you have to pee the whole time). Take 2 listerine strips (they add saliva and help your breath). Also, try to talk slower. When you talk too fast or get excited, you suck in air which drys out your mouth. Good luck and let us all know how it goes.
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so sorry....
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Some may say this is not a good thing to do, but not being able to speak is probably worse. I imagine they will offer you a drink, accept it if you need to. But, the tips above may get you on your way...
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chew gum, toss it out in the lobby.
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gum a mint or something and talk slower
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I can't hear someone mention Listerine strips without thinking of Vanity's classic thread.
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