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Non-alcoholic drinks  

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Gentlemen -  I am seeking some suggestions for non-alcoholic drinks that I can order while out at nitespots and restaurants. I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner now and then, but am finding that now at the age of 34, I don't recover as quickly as I used to from having a few drinks while out on the town. I enjoy going out, but still want to be clearheaded and awake the next morning (unlike college).  I am hoping that someone can recommend some ideas. Ordering a coke seems awfully juvenile and bartenders always seem ticked when you ask for water.  Thanks in advance,       Bradford
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Sparkling water is a good bet.  It's a "mature" drink and waiters won't get ticked because it's usually pricier than a soda.  Better yet if you can order one by name -- San Pellegrino is a good brand that will be found in most good restaurants.
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If you can stand it, which some people can't for some reason, order a tonic with lime. It looks like a drink, which keeps the drinkers from getting uncomfortable (it really happens) and it almost tastes like a drink. Often a bartender will think you are the driver and will give them to you for free. Of course you would tip them well for doing this. Some other ideas are cranberry juice (don't drink a lot of it though, you will regret it the next day), or non-alcoholic beer. Haake Beck is actually really good beer for being non-alcoholic, and there is another one whose name I can't recall, made by Guinness I believe, that is good as well. Put it in a glass, noone will know the difference. A bonus of these is that they cost the same as a real beer.
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