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Wanted: WTB: Cherchbi Tweed and Leather Backpack

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WTB: Cherchbi Tweed and Leather Backpack

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all—

I am interested in buying the Cherchbi tweed and leather backpack.


I believe it was made last year. I am not interested in the newer models, which have black leather instead of dark red.

Mr. Porter ultimately dropped its price to $295.50 until it eventually sold out:

I don't have my heart set on it—I'm looking at some other backpack alternatives too—but would be excited if I could negotiate a good price for a new or used one. PM me with pics and an offer if you are interested in selling one.

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What a nice looking bag. Good luck with your search.
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If I had known that Mr. Porter dropped it down to 30% of its original retail, I definitely would have swooped in on this. Good luck finding this.

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OP this is not going to be of use to you, but I couldn't help commenting.

I have this backpack; was too eager to get it and so pulled the trigger at around $490 from Mr Porter; and was not paying attention later on to get the markdown price of ~$300. ffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gif

I took a long time to decide whether I would keep it or not once I realized I wasn't going to get the reduced price. But now that I've used it (sparingly) over the past few months I wouldn't sell it on even if I were offered the original price (closer to $900 IIRC). It f*ckin rocks.
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Thanks for the encouragement, folks. And PipersSon, I'm glad to hear that this unicorn is worth hunting.
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Just a follow-up. I eventually emailed Cherchbi. I got a reply directly from the founder saying that he would keep an eye out when he went through their inventory for an upcoming sale.

Sure enough, he emailed me later to offer me the last bag in the shop. He was patient as we talked over price and shipping, and the bag arrived a couple days ago. Very satisfied with the whole experience.

For those who are curious, my search for a substantial, beautiful, durable, high-quality, responsibly-made backpack turned up these other options as well. Maybe others in search of a high-end backpack for school this fall might find this list handy.

Sir and Madame Rucksack (2011, discontinued?)

Archival rucksack:

Earnest Alexander backpack:

Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Laptop backpack:

Hammerhead Industries Daypack:

Lastly, l thought this Rag and Bone one was gorgeous, but in person its stress points didn't appear durable enough.
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