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Filling in the new wardrobe

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I'm resetting my entire closet, and I know what my next two suits will be, but I'm unsure of the order and configuration of those purchases. My closet (out of the stuff I'm keeping) includes:

- Wool 2B SB Navy Birdseye Samuelsohn Suit

- Wool/Linen Mix 2B SB Tan Samuelsohn Suit

- Linen 2/3 SB Light Grey SC Angelo Nardelli (not sure if anyone recognizes the maker here - full canvassed, unlined beauty)

- Wool 2B SB Medium Brown with Blue windowpane unlined SC with 4B SB waistcoat made by Crittenden Sport

- Wool 2B SB Navy with riddish-orange SC - BB Fitzgerald

- Wool/Linen 2B SB Light grey (has a tweed look) with pink thread woven in SC - BB Regent


I know that my next two suits will come from Samuelsohn, and one will be charcoal herringbone and the other a medium grey sharkskin. Both will also be 3-piece, with lapels on the waistcoat.


My questions are:

1. Which comes first? My thought is to do the charcoal first. They'll likely come 6 months apart.

2. I want to go SB on one waistcoat and DB on the other. Which waistcoat should go with each fabric?

3. Can you really do a shawl lapel on the waistcoat when your suit is a notch lapel?

4. Any other suggestions for additions to the wardrobe?


Also, if anyone could post pics of their DB waistcoats with SB suits, I would appreciate it. I feel like I need to see it in action before I can pull the trigger. A previous thread had some, but the suits are quite dark, and its tough (on my monitor at least) to see much detail.


Thanks guys

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Okay, so no responses?


I was just told by the wife this morning that I have no choice but to buy a new Sammy in the next 2 weeks, as we have 2 family weddings to attend, and she doesn't want me to wear my Navy suit to both.


So, I'm thinking mid-grey first, with the charcoal coming in the fall. Any thoughts? Style of vest to go with a mid-grey sharkskin fabric? 2 button, or 3/2?

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Your plan sounds fine but the idea that you can't wear the same navy suit to two different family weddings is uniquely female.
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Yeah, I tried explaining that to her, saying that a different shirt, tie, shoes, etc can make it a completely different look. She disagreed. I argued very briefly, as I win by losing the argument - who on here would argue with your wife telling you that you have to spend ~ $1200 on a new suit?


Any thoughts on the styling of the vest for a mid-grey fabric? DB vest? Shawl or notch lapel?

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Well, fair enough, you do make out well on the deal. Personally I like a single-breasted lapel-less vest. But I'll let wiser heads than me tell you what the "rules" are if any regarding vest stylings...I have very little experience with anything but the SB no-lapel style.
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How are you built? depending on that I would rec dif vest styles and coat styles

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Originally Posted by Thadacta View Post

How are you built? depending on that I would rec dif vest styles and coat styles

 I'm 6'2", about 190. Pretty standard athletic build for a 42L - Most stuff fits me well off the rack. My only problem is that I'm in between a lot of 42R and 42L. I've got about 10-15 pounds to get rid of, but nothing that really changes the look of what I'd wear.

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