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Friends.... A word about trousers. Now I've got a better, bigger photography set up I've finally been able to take some photos of the sample trousers, set for release next winter. The 2 below are 1) a four seasons open weave fresco like wool/cashmere (4%) which wear very cool, and a mid grey flannel. All fabrics are by Zignone. What will go in to production will likely be 3 flannels, a dark blue like pictured on the swatches (a vastly under-utilised colour IMO), a light grey and then one other colour, perhaps a brown. Details as follows -

- Zignone Fabrics, 100% manufactured in Italy
- cut focused on clean lines, being slim but not tight
- higher rise
- slimmish leg opening (about 8.25 in for a 32)
- un-finished hem
- split curtain waistband
- change pocket
- side adjusters on 2 models
- $200-$220 AUD price range

Enjoy the pictures

4 seasons


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Trousers look great Jas. 4 seasons sound perfect to me.
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Created with GIMP
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I want to order those trousers NOW!

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I like the look of those slacks Jason!  Distinct and elegant!  Interested in loaning a 33/34 waist for a beta tester :)?


By chance, do you know what the inside leg is on the 32 trousers with the 8.25 inch bottoms?  How much inlay in the fork will be left in?


Is it possible to see a few pictures of the trouser banding?



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The leg are unfinished, but I'll make them long around 38 inches so even tall guys can put a cuff on.

There is a good 4-5cm inlay to let them out through the waist/seat/crotch. The samples don't have the spit waistband or the final shirting fabric lining, but the next one will when I refine the pattern so I'm hesitant to put photos up of these ones

No extras to lend out though sorry!
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All I can say is: Bring on winter!

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Wow ... so the trouser lining will be natural and not 'art' silk?


Thanks for the info BTW.

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Definitely buying 2-3 pairs of trousers - 2 4 seasons and 1 flannel! Can't wait.

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Just ordered the navy and forest green floral ties. Pretty excited to receive them.

Also looking forward to more purchases soon but remaining disciplined for now and waiting until after the holidays.
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Thanks for the order. You got the last green floral and there is only 1 navy left now also.

We also have about 3 each of the 2 pure cashmere knits left, which are really great value at $54.95

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Is th above the maroon necktie? How close is the above colour? It looks quite vibrant in the above photo, as compared to the one on the site. Thanks
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That is the maroon but that photo was taken next to a window on a sunny day, so it looks brighter than it is. I'll put another one up for comparison soon.
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Apologies for the delay. With natural shaded light. This is, at least on my screen true to life.

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Hot hot hot downunder, need a bit of linen

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Coat: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: Henry Carter linen blend
PS: Henry Carter white Irish linen
Trousers: Henry Carter 4 season prototype
Shoes: Carmina
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