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What I'm wearing today:





Jacket - Polo

Shirt - Borrelli

Tie - Henry Carter Aussie Members SF Tie

Handkerchief - Unknown English silk

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Off to a cracking start Gerry! That's a great dimple.

For those that are unaware, Gerry is wearing the MTO Australian members tie that we made up for any that were interested. It was is a 7 fold in a dark green twill with our little emblem (designed by member Blahman), who has been named Henry the Wombat on the back blade.

We have a little competition running for the next week and a half for the members who purchased them to win a free tie, scraf or some socks by posting their fits.

Here is my debut, which obviously doesn't count in the comp. I've always loved purple and green together,



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Thanks, Jason! This is my first purchase from Henry Carter and I'm very happy with it. The tie knots beautifully and is a wonderful shade of green. Henry the wombat is pretty special as well!

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If I get a chance I'll snap something with my camera when I'm at home over the weekend but for now this will have to do. Bonus points for the trademarked 'Jason Angle'?

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Coming in August, Navy knit tie with white dots (along with a bunch of other knits) and light blue cotton checked shirt with semi spread collar.

Tie will be $69.95 AUD and Shirt $109.95 AUD. Both made in Italy.
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Here is my first entry for the Henry Carter Australian members tie comp - a new twist on an old combo;

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Henry tie biggrin.gif
Crossposted from Aussie threak (sorta).
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Some great dimples there guys. Let's see a few more blue/navy combos! I'll try my own over the next few days.
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Dots not on knot area of blade?!
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Correct and well spotted. With knit ties, the dots are sewn on after the fabric is woven unlike standard ties. Some have the dots the whole length of the tie and some don't. Though this is only a pre production sample and will most likely be done with dots that show on the knot for production when it arrives in August.
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Apologies for the image quality!

7444701468_3e9e5be0b6.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Paul Stuart
Henry Carter
White cotton square
AE Black Captoe
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Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe View Post

Caramel twill In testing mode today

I would never have contemplated a caramel tie, but that actually looks amazing with blue. Really nice.
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Thanks mate and I think equally good with mid grey too (especially flannel). Same with burnt orange. There is a really burnt orange patterned 7 fold coming for spring.

What I think you will really love though, because I know your tumblr is dedicated to them are the knit ties coming. There is the navy dot above, but also some nice spring colours in plains. A royal blue, orange, chocolate brown and lighter green all at 7cm wide. They will be fairly well priced too at around $69.95 and Made in Italy.
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Henry the tie
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My second entry (click to enlarge):




See, I CAN do a smaller dimple! (Pal Zileri jacket, Gitman Bros. for Nicky Hilton shirt, Uniqlo cardigan, Kent Wang handkerchief, Henry Carter SF Aussie Members tie)

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