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Just picked up a couple more ties. Thanks as always.
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No worries thank you guys.
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Is there going to be a restock of size 38 white shirts?
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Eventually there will be but not until at least march next year. Unfortunately I underestimated how many 38's I'd sell so quickly.
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I owe you one Jason.


38cm shirts are very popular. Most men, I assume, would be a 38-40cm neck,

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Self tie only….

Bow ties $65.00 AUD, handmade in Naples as always

Buy them HERE
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Burnt orange, paisley and a proper cutaway collar. It’s a win win.

Shirt and tie, both $99.95 AUD.
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I know we are only heading in to Summer here in Australia but here is something exciting that I'm working on for next Autumn release in March/April next year.

In 100% Cashmere, made and woven in Scotland this could be one of the most luxurious hoodies you will ever see. Other features include inside out stitching, a 2 way zip and ribbed cuffs and bottom. Fit will be contemporary and slim.

They won't be cheap as after all this isn't a cheap Chinese made Cashmere. Pricing will be around $300-$320 AUD which is still very good for the caliber of the product. More detailed and high res photos will come in January along with sizing, when at that time I'll be taking pre-orders for March-Early April delivery with a small deposit required. Anyone that would like to register interest now may do so by PM or email me at jason@henrycarter.com.au
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Please don't have inside out stitching. Everything else sounds SICK!
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Not a big fan. Things I would purchase though:

- Grenadines: red, navy, grey, chocolate 
- A Foulard with a red base colour 
- A white spot with a red base
- Clubs with navy or red base (non cutsie - crowns, british lions, fleur de lys etc)
- A spitalfield, a macclesfield 

Not for me but I'd bring your reps and glen check back as a staple as well as a plain irish linen pocket square.

Beggars can't be choosers but I can promise you my business on the above!

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Hi Mate,

Grenadines will be coming back in stock next March from a new mill, pretty much in all of those colours except the grey, which will likely be a forest green instead. Grey in grenadines always ends up looking a bit silver I think and is best used in winter ties, like wool and cashmere.

I may have a red pin dot you might like, same as the brown pin dot that I sampled and never put in to production. I'll send you a photo tomorrow when I have the camera set up. I'll do you a good deal on it as it's a sample, but it's never been tied.

As for the others I've got some good basics coming before xmas as I've mentioned, navy & maroon twill, navy pin dot and the 3 printed silk plus knit ties. And yes, irish linen pocket squares in white and light blue at the same time.

For anything else I won't have swatches for next season until January sometime, but I'll certainly keep your preferences in mind.

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Consider your first lot of grandines bought ;)

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Cross-post from Aussie Members thread:





Getting the the Xmas mood and representing the Aussies at the same time!

Suit: Benjamin by eHaberdasher

Tie: Henry Carter SF Members green twill tie

Shirt: Owen and James red chambray

Pocket Handkerchief: E. Marinella for Beretta

Photo by Christian Kimber

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Couple of the $39.95 sale ties getting very low now -

1 left

2 left

1 left

1 left
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How long until your new ties are up Jason?

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