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odd lots, i notice no one answered your question. in my experience they will shave your face however you want them to. moustache, goatee, sideburns... shouldn't be a problem. i'm speaking from barber shop experience though, never been to art of shaving.
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Thanks for the advice. My sideburns/goatee are BARELY separated, so I'll understand if they say the can't do it, but I'll definitely have to check. If all goes well, I'll be sure to post my opinions.
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Just returned from Vegas today, and I have to say that my experience at Art of Shaving was one of the true highlights of my trip. Due to time constraints, I opted for the traditional shave with the non-scented products and was amazed at the results. The products had an amazing aroma, and really made my skin feel incredible. The shave was beautiful...relaxing, yet invigorating. Not to mention, it's the cleanest, closest shave I've gotten since I started the sideburns/goatee look. The woman that worked with me was very talented and incredibly attentive to my desires (keeping my facial hair intact). All of the staff was incredibly courteous and really made the entire experience a great one. As for the products, I picked up a few things, and after I have a few weeks to get used to them, I'll be sure to report back with more details.
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Any regular electric shavers try a barbershop or AOS shave? I've been uising an electric razor for the past two years (had a beard before that) and was thinking of going to one of these places for shave. Will it rip my face to shreds since I'm used to the relatively gentle electric? I hear it takes about two weeks to switch from electric to wetshaving or vice-versa. Any of you hang out at the MSN groups WetShavers or TheWetShavers?
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I just got some samples and tried it, but it seems really expensive. I might try one set of big bottles.

any more comteperary thoughts.
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I used The Art of Shaving Products for about 2 years. I am currently using Edwin Jagger. Much better products IMO.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
I just got some samples and tried it, but it seems really expensive. I might try one set of big bottles. any more comteperary thoughts.
They are expensive. There's Moulton Brown, which is also expensive. And Geo F Trumper is great (best smelling, IMHO) but $ as well. But if you absolutely love the stuff, your brain has a way of justifying the cost Look at Kiehls. Easy to find and pretty affordable.
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I use Truefitt & Hill, which I have found to be superior to Art of Shaving.
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