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Where can one get a decent badger brush and what kind of price would I be looking at?
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badger brushes-- there are probably many on the market, depends what you are willing to spend....then, close your eyes, add a little more to that figure, grit your teeth, and buy one...really worth it.. add to that it will last you several years (my last one i used from 1995-2002, altho definately NOT every day still great longevity). (bought the silvertip black handle from AOS, but did not inform my wife of this purchase-price.) most likely, brushes would be divided by high end -Geo Trumper (www.greenpond.com or www.bensilver.com) - Art of Shaving (www.artofshaving.com; silvertip brush is worth it to me, but not to everyone) middle -kent shaving brushes -http://www.emsplace.com/bcprod/badgerbrushes.asp (they do list a silvertip brush for much less than high end) i wouldn't go any lower than that....most of the others i've seen have badger hair, but are coarse and rougher than the finer makes.
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shaving products  Here is a good site to order relativley inexpensive shaving products. This is probably where you'll find the cheapest badger brushes. From this site I've ordered the shave soap and the standard pure badger brush. Although I would recommend a full volume brush.  For more modern shaving products try regimens . I've tried the e-shave cream, which is almost exactly like the AOS cream.
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I got mine from Eshave.com; they have a gift set of a brush, small shaving cream, alum bar and aftershave balm for $50 bucks. Heck the brush is at least that at most sites so I think it's a good deal (and it's a good brush).
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Just to add my two cents in..... I use their pre-shave oil, lavendar shaving cream, and septic stick religiously. Although I am sure that you can get cheaper products, for the few extra bucks, I enjoy the indulgence that it brings to my shaving ritual.
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I've been doing the "2 fingertips" deal the last few days, and it works well. Less cream used, and when you run it under hot water, lathers up really well. I am about to order more, so I'll grab some oil as well.
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Anyone use the Alum Block? I've never tried it before, but am curious. Though I never have problems with nicks and cuts, will this still be beneficial to use.
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I have one, and use it on occasion when I get a cut. I press that on it for about 15 seconds, and it seals it up pretty good.
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Mike, You only want to use the alum block for nicks & cuts; it has no other benefits, and may in fact dry the skin if used unnecessarily.
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Can you gt the alum block online?
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Can you gt the alum block online?
sure, eshave has them as well as artofshaving IIRC.
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RAZORS..... what are you guys' opinions on the best brand/ type of razor blades? i seem to be going thru the mach III turbos faster than i did the mach IIIs, but may be my imagination. are they worth the price? other recommendations? also, does everyone else here suffer from the irritation caused from shaving certain neck areas?
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I have sensitive skin, but have found that the Mach 3 razors irritate my neck much less. I use the M3Turbo as well, and change the blade about every 5,6 shaves. So they do go pretty quick and they are expensive, but they're the only ones I really like.
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I recently switched to the Schick Extreme 3s, which are the only disposable 3 blade razors, because I do a lot of traveling. They've been lasting me at least 6 shaves each, so at $1.50 per they're reasonably priced. Got my AOS travel silver tipped badger brush and an alum block Friday from an order I placed online. They included a TON of samples, but not the shaving guide book FOXX posted an excerpt from earlier in this thread. Thought that odd... At any rate, I'll let you guys know how the block and brush work...
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Got my AOS travel silver tipped badger brush
you're going to like that a lot... I have the regular brush (not silver tipped) and it's great. You don't need much cream at all with the brush. Ever since I started using this method of shaving, combined with good facial products, it's been heaven.
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