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Art of shaving

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just started using Art of Shaving tools and potions.....opinions on them?
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I went to their Wall Street store for a $25 shave, and was very disappointed. Although the actual experience was luxurious, and the man who shaved me was friendly and attentive, he cut me to ribbons. I have highly sensitive skin, and very tough facial hair, so I'm a shaver's nightmare. It takes me a half-hour to 45 minutes to shave, every 36 hours. AoS products are overpriced, imho.
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I've used their pre-shave oil, which I like and use if I don't have time to take a shower in the morning (I usually shave in the shower.) Can't stand their shaving cream though. I think it's too soapy and watery. Plus I have issues with paying more than $3-4 for shaving cream...
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Hey Foxx Love their stuff.
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after using the shaving system (AOS brand brush, shaving cream, shave oil, and after balm) for the past few weeks, i have to say it is the best shave i've ever had....less irritation, etc. and a good close shave. only gripe i have is that i can't usually find the time during the week for the whole ritual, so i use kiehls shave cream most mon-fridays.
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I use their shaving cream and though very overpriced, it is excellent stuff.
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I'd respectfully quarrel with the "overpriced" label- except for possibly the pre-shave oil. I have the large jar of cream, and it has lasted almost two years. Just got the large jar of after shave balm, and I'll bet it'll last as long. If you use the oil, cream, and balm, all in large sizes, it won't quite cost $100, and will last 18-24 months. At $4 per month, I'll wager it's cheaper than the razor blades you're using...
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I have the large jar of cream, and it has lasted almost two years.
?? You mean the 5.3 ounce jar? That only lasts me a few months, probably 3 at the most. Granted I might use a bit too much on occasion, but you must shave once a week Steve.
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Yep- the 5.3 ounce jar. I don't shave every day, but the stuff really lathers up....How'd you go through a jar in 3 months??? Just goes to show you we're all different. If not, it'd be a boring world...
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Thread Starter both you guys use the AOS recommended "two fingertips" of shave cream, inserted into the center of the wet badger brush, run or soak in hot water, then apply? i didn't know about that until i read it recently, in the short book they published. made a big difference.
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can you go into more detail about that Foxx? I'd like to know about it so I can save some money.
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the shaving routine, according to the book (altho i haven't seen this specific method on their website or with the brush enclosure, it seems to work the BEST) 1- run or soak the badger brush in very hot water (i let hot water run on it while i apply pre shave oil, as soon as i get out of the shower) 2- shake out brush, scoop a little shave cream with the tips of your first two fingers, which is then inserted into the center of the badger shaving bristles 3- soak or run the brush in hot water again, gently shake out excess water, and begin swirling on the face. when you reach the difficult areas, or places where the cream is beginning to set/ dry, run the already creamy brush thru hot water again and apply more. 4- after shaving, shave balm.
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I will try that tonight. Don't have any shaving oil though, but I don't know that I really need it.
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oh, no.. the shaving oil is what makes the deal.. best part of the shave...much less irritation, lubes the razor over the skin, major difference...highly recommend giving it a shot.
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I second FOXX's high recommendation on the pre-shave oil. Especially if you have more than a day's growth. I've been using 2 fingers and no badger brush. I "scoop" it on, then ladle some more hot water on my face and soap it up some more. Maybe that's why mine's lasted so long (that and not shaving every day....) I'm going to give myself a badger brush for my birthday or Solstice, both of which are coming soon.
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