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I started to use Rogaine a few years ago when I first noticed my hair thinning. It helped me grow more hair, but it didn't really stop the thinning. I looked better, but the baldness was still spreading.

I didn't go with the Propecia right away. If I had it to do over again, I'd start the Propecia the second I noticed the thinning hair. I now believe the best think a person can do it start Propecia while they still have a lot of hair to work with.

Your friend should see a dermatologist ASAP.
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How did this resurface? I can't imagine how deep this thread was buried.
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My sister started off as a hair cutter (don't remember the "official" term for it) and now owns boutiques but she hooked me up with some sort of shampoo when my hair started falling out and it stopped completely and I have a full head of hair. It is downstairs and I can't remember the name but it has worked great for me. My dad was bald by his junior year in college and mine started falling out first semester freshman year but after I started the shampoo it completely stopped thinning and I have pretty thick hair.
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Good chance you're talking about Nioxin, KBW. That's the shampoo generally recommended to slow down or stop the thinning process.
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