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Blue in Green N-02's

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I just got my N-02's from BiG today, here is a pre-soak pic:




here is the post-soak pic:




I can't get any of the buttons yet but the waist stretches within the week, anyone else working on these? I haven't seen a thread yet here.

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What makes you think it's going to fit?
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I already got one button on and can almost get the second, they stretch in the waist.

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Are people still doing that "size down 3" thing? That has got to be most self-immolating trend of the noughties.
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dude thats fucking masochism.

I have a pair of BiG x pBJ that I'm stretching out before I wear em out and I thought they were tight. but I can still easily button them. (thighs are tight)

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The thighs don't bother me, really.

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The fact they don't fit should bother you.
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also stop jizzing on your mirror

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I'd rather they not fit me perfect out of the box, so to speak.

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Man I'm with entrero. If they won't button up presoak, post soak is going to be tough. Best of luck'
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Those don't fit
Buy jeans that fit!!
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Not all jeans are like APC's.

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Does the broken sunglass temple piece on the floor have anything to do with the fit?
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How are you going to break in a pair of pants you can't button up?
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You should be able to do up all of the buttons. That's just how jeans are designed to be worn. Snug, okay. But only being able to button the bottom button? It's time to call this a failure, and admit that you are (at least) 2 sizes bigger than you'd like to think.
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