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There is a rune on DH that is sort of similar to Blessed Hammer, with a throwing star or whatever. But remember, BH wasn't that overpowered until they brought in the synergies in one of the patches.

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Got it installed. It pops up an error that my video hardware is not supported but you can hit escape to get to the game. Game refused to load but I applied the workaround and it was able to open up and play the intro cinematic (and I was able to go in and turn down the graphics settings and resolution even more than what the game tried to recommend.

I don't think anyone else here has the problem but it looks like Blizzard is being Blizzard and deleting all posts describing the workaround from the forums...I found a google-cache of a thread that seems to have the necessary tweaks so I will post it here for posterity:

In your d3prefs file (usually in my documents), you need to change a few lines (there may also be more that could be tweaked)

- DisableTrilinearFiltering "1" (from 0 to 1)
- HardwareClass "1" (from 0 to 1 as well)
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I'll be playing at midnight tonight.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for when you are trying to chat to people / your party? I remember having to click names or choosing names from a drop list each time, it was a bit annoying.
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Installed, ready to go. FUCK YEAH.

Gonna monk it up. Mained an assassin in D2 and rogue in WoW, so the monk feels a little like that. Might go with the WD as my #2. Necro was a ton of fun.

For those who had the beta, make sure to uninstall it before installing D3. Also delete the hidden bnet folder in C:\Program Data\Battle.Net
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Tom's Hardware is reporting that the Starter edition (skeleton king/level 13 cap, basically, the beta) becomes available in 30 days - I might just wait that long and see if it works with my hardware as I missed the beta and have a couple of other games to play.
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I wish I could play at midnight...

Central time here so I'd have to wait until 2AM (which means I will just wake up a bit earlier most likely). Was sort of hoping that not going to work the first half of this week would mean I could play for a few hours at release (maybe even start at 11 if it was EST) , sleep in a bit, and play more but I didn't realize they were operating on pacific time
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35 minutes to go for me, I'm about as excited as the first time I got laid. redface.gif

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I'm jealous of you all. My copy will arrive tomorrow, but not in town for delivery. Hope to join fellow SF diablo players this weekend.
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I'll see you all in hell then.

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Yea being EST means 3am for me. No dice there. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow after work/gym to play.
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Got shipment notification from amazon for delivery tomorrow but im out of town for work ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

Got shipment notification from amazon for delivery tomorrow but im out of town for work ffffuuuu.gif

if it's being shipped by UPS, you can switch the delivery dates around and location.

see you guys online soon biggrin.gif
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Will be on starting around 4 am est.
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i'm 3 hrs behind est, so i think 12 am for me.
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Does anyone know if crafting materials can be upgraded?

I'm still trying to decide if I will sell my early normal level rares or I if I should be salvaging them to craft some low level armor.
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