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Don't play for 40 hours straight and then die, guys.
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Originally Posted by nerdykarim View Post

I'll pick it back up after the bar exam next week. Have you beaten Diablo with your DH yet?

I haven't but my DH is ready to take him on.

45k dps w/o ss, 101k dps with ss (target 60k)
~40k hp (target is 45k)
~375 all resist (trying to get to 500)
3200 armor
24% movement speed
20% reduction of impaired effects
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i can tank him with my DH. lemme know if you need help
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Haven't played in a few days after logging about 300 hours. Hit a point where I didn't want to gear up well enough to farm act 3 efficiently because it'd cost me hundreds of millions.

1.04 will address some balancing issues and introduce new legendaries. I might farm a bit when it goes live.
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Yeah, I stopped playing a few weeks ago. Just been on randomly to look at the auction house. I've been playing DotA 2 instead.
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Shit, I guess its a trend. I recently stopped playing too.

I stopped after I found myself just logging on to stare at the AH (mostly at weapons I couldn't afford) and then logging off. There was just no incentive for me to grind the gold needed to advance. Of all the hours I played I think I got maybe three pieces of gear that were an actual upgrade, most came from the AH.
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^^ Ditto
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same... the sad truth is you have to grind 6+ hours to find something even remotely usable.
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The core of the problem is that as a game, it has stopped being fun for me. When a game stops being fun and you need to replay the same parts over and over, it becomes a chore. When you play a game that is not fun for monetary gains, it becomes a job. I'm done with D3.
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logged on for the first time in about a month. the invulnerable wiz bug was the most fun i've had in a long time. time to quit again.
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Similar exploit going on with barbs and charge.
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Some of the new legendary items from 1.04 have been revealed

We're letting players exact some revenge on rare and Champion and Rare packs by giving players monster affixes through Legendary items. This is just one example.

Reminiscent of the Enchantress ability, this lets you turn enemies against each other.

This sword has a chance to summon a demon to fight with you -- with a twist. This demon has the Fire Chains affix, and the other end is attached to your character. Mwahaha!

We used to reduce the value of certain affixes on Legendary items because we were concerned that having fixed affixes would make them unbalanced. What it actually did was make those items kind of crappy. For example, if the item's level (ilvl) was 50, the first affix would always roll at 50, then the next would roll at 47, and the next would roll at 43. This was done to offset the power of fixed affixes in a random world, but we've learned it's not necessary, and Legendary items being powerful is OK. So lesson learned, we no longer reduce the value of any of the fixed affixes on Legendary items. For example, if an ilvl 50 Legendary item had Strength as one of its fixed affixes, previously it may have rolled a range that you would have seen on a level 45 item, making it seem really underpowered, but now it will always roll within the range of a level 50 affix.

In addition, Legendary items used to cap out at ilvl 62, making it near impossible to find a weapon that had strong DPS. No more. We’ve promoted a LOT of the new Legendaries so that they will roll at ilvl 63, giving them access to the highest possible affix rolls that are in the game.

We're also working on some changes for 1.0.4 to make two-anders better in general, and this will affect two-handed Legendary items as well.
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Some are pretty good, but some are just facepalm-worthy (the two first for example). All-in-all though I'd say it's an upgrade, long overdue.

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it's kind of sad how i stopped playing this game
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same... these came a little too late
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