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i still havent seen anything I really like since new drop rates. Worst luck ever
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found a decent int + 3 socket armor but yeah
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love the game but since the last patch I suffer from some terrible stuttering, lag, rubber band effect. I've tried so many different settings nothing works.might have to wait still the next patch to see if it changes frown.gif
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I found this one and seemed really cool

Had 5 stacks too but so damn hard!!

Used tele through the map and the chest gave me 3 rares, 1 lvl63. All quite poor but it was fun!
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Done this game. Too many Butcher runs and just bored to tears with it.
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you think butcher runs are bad? try goblin runs baldy[1].gif
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been playing the game a lot. d2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> d3 x 1000
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Got bored with my monk being stuck on Belial Inferno. Started DH for fun. lvl 53 Hell now, and using a grenade, cluster bomb skill build for shits and giggle. Oh so fun seeing a slow moving bomb getting lobbed onto a big pack of slow zombies and crit kill every single one of them in 1 go.

Tried doing that in Whimsyshire but replaced with shock traps and snare combo. Works for all mobs except bosses.
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my wiz is lvl 53 too, running through a1 hell. still rolling with meteor shower + bliz + nova but its not working as well as before. i still think nm and hell are the best part of the game - new skill combos, fun finding leveling gear, etc. game hits a wall for me in inferno.
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Games stop being fun when you need to deliberately hunt for stuff for a lengthy period of time to progress. It' becomes a chore.
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So why was D2 so much fun then? I could grind that for weeks at a time, but D3 is just... boring. The gameplay is awesome, so I really don't understand it.

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I think because you can't play with 8 people.
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it wasn't punishing to play with more people. enemies get way too much hp for each extra party member, which makes partying feel very inefficient. honestly, the only time i feel like coop is worth anything is against bosses.
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it's just more exciting imo having so many different people play together. I have always enjoyed multiplayer coop games over solo single player games.
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