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I'm seriously considering selling everything I've amassed once it hits EU, and then take a break for a week or two, come back, and get everything back at 1/10th of what it sold for... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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I was not serious about buying uber gear b/c that is just dumb ... (5)

All the power to them though, those who kop

To the seller fistbump.gif
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Just sold a level 30ish legendary helm for $5! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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hahah this is so awesome, i am gonna try and pawn some shit for 50 cents. tomorrow's starbucks, here i come
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PVP is gonna be whoever wants spend the most money lol8[1].gif

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Nah, PvP will have a matchmaking system, that's partly based on your usage of the RMAH. At least that's how I understand it.

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Should have pushed harder to get to 60 and sell gear in the first rush...could have probably paid for the game selling some digital items and then started back over with whatever didn't sell since I don't really care that much.

Now I am sitting at 57 with nothing worth real money frown.gif
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My fear is that the RMAH is going to ruin the AH...
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depends on how gold is priced by blizz, as long as it isnt super cheap to buy gold with real money i dont see any real issues with it.
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Ehh...got a String of Ears legendary, but got the worst stats possible. Lets see if I can make $8 on it lol
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Okay, some of the bugs in this game really makes you wonder what the hell Blizzard are doing... The life on kill-wizard shit is awesome, but at the same time, not having patched something like this over two weeks after it's first discovered is sort of fucked up.


Basically, weapons can have life on kill, often ranging from 1000-2500 for the really good ones. Now, this procs, of course, everytime you kill an enemy. Well, it turns out the hydra apparently counts as an enemy... Everytime a wizard casts a new hydra that offs the old one, LoK is triggered not once, but thrice, one for each head. crackup[1].gifI'm now running around A3 inferno with a free 5000 heal that I can cast as much as I want basically. Thanks Blizz.

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Anyone else playing a Witch Doctor? Level 23 trying to kill Belial in normal right now, but can't get him below 50% HP w/o getting merked. Any suggestions? Approx 1300 hp and 300 DPS.
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Okay, decided on a strat for when RMAH goes live on EU... Put everything up for €60, regardless of what it is. If one thing sells, I've payed for the game, if two or more sells, expect posts in recent purchases.

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lol i love how i was so excited about this game.. created a thread on it.. spec'd out and built a computer for it.. and played it for 1 week and quit.
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

lol i love how i was so excited about this game.. created a thread on it.. spec'd out and built a computer for it.. and played it for 1 week and quit.

Just got bored?
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