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Can someone explain to me the allure of hardcore?
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

This doesn't make any sense to me, especially given the AH. How is someone going to know post 1.03 that my pants are pre-or-post the patch if its a bug fix (as least as it pertains to inna's glory where the ias doesn't stack)?

the actual mods are going to be buffed to make legendaries viable - whether that means new values or simply increasing the values of existing mods, im not sure. the mechanics will be constant, but the items themselves will be made better so old legendaries will become even more useless.
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So best course is to sell them all now and wait until after 1.03? I'm running windforce, and inna's glory + blessing.
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So I finally got all my parts in and built my computer for the first time. Woohoo! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Thank you hoozah for the suggestions. Made some slight tweaks. All the hardware is connected, powered, and runs. Now just gotta install Win7 and software tonight.
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

Can someone explain to me the allure of hardcore?

Never really felt the urge to in D2...but permanent death is kind of a cool feature. Obviously not something you could sell to the gaming population as a whole (no new MMO would have a chance of getting critical mass of customers with perma-death...but some old ones did) but its a cool feature. You screw up, you start over.

Only problem is that you also have to start over when the server glitches or you get some bad lag or when they ninja-nerf you skill combo and you end up thinking you are safe and getting raped by a pack of monsters. Gotta wait for the servers to be stable and the game to be in less of a state of flux before you really try to play HC.

I'm not saying this as an argument against online-only play though...If you really wanted to play HC in D2, you had to do it on bnet (since you could just revive a dead HC character from an offline/open bnet account with an editor). They reset the ladders fairly often, so there was a fresh competition to see who could get the highest on a ladder character before death.
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I think I'd play if I felt the gear would be better, more unique. Example, HC only legendary items.
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hc in d2 was the only way you could get any excitement out of the game. running into a scary LE pack really got the heart pumping, and ive had to do more than a few insta-save and exits. to me, it was the best game experience - you couldn't screw around in between level requirements for your "next big item" - you had to be geared all the time. it pretty much forced you to play through the game as it was meant to be played and was a lot of fun... until a character you put weeks into died because of some foolish mistake. i'd usually take a week off of d2 after that happened, and come back with a vengeance.

hc in d3? not a fucking chance.
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can you imagine act 2 inferno HC? haha
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Blizz will buff legendaries to make them "clearly better than blues." Some of the pieces are already quite good (mostly rings/ammies), so I don't see those getting changed.

Not sure if they will adjust items that aren't level 60 but no one really cares about those unless they get very unique modifiers (like string of ear's melee reduction %).

I already want to throw my mouse at the wall in D3 with certain packs + lag. Dying to molten when I clearly moved out of it 1.5 seconds ago would push me over the edge. I'm sure I'll give it a try or two way down the line, once I've geared 2 chars to near BIS.
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I will play HC, when the game is balanced out. (Does not imply nerfed, just less spiky or whatever.)

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same deal - i want to play hc eventually, but i never played hc in d2 until softcore started getting stale. by then, i feel like the game will be better tuned and hopefully not as laggy. leapfrogging 3 characters is a great plan for hc: get A to lvl 10, B to lvl 13, C to lvl 15--> A to lvl 17, B to lvl 19, C to lvl 21, etc. this ensures you will always have an abundance of level-appropriate gear and you will always know what to look for, where your allies have died, etc. not to mention if one of them dies you won't have to start from scratch with no items. this also lets you unequip something really nice and save it if you know you're going into a tough fight.

whoever beats inferno HC should get their purchase price refunded or some kind of monument dedicated in their honour.
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Edit: North American server
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Finally got my game up and running!!!

Imhoff#1545 (that's an "i") on US Servers

Add me!

I am a level 11 Barb (I know, awesome).
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This game makes me crazy... I'm only in A2 Nightmare but the combination of blocking walls and the fiery trails is just freaking me out. Can't even imagine how one's supposed to play that in HC mode!?
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