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just my 2 centa - geox is a piece of cake, they leak, they are xpensive, and not very confortable

I would suggest you ecco or ethor, but ethor also leak - in any case they are super confortable :-)
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You people with the "It leaks" comments are complete numbskulls.  I mean,  unless it's marketed as a waterproof shoe, I can't understand the complaint here. Most shoes leak if you step in a puddle... get rain shoes or boots if you want that protection. The idea that Capitalism corrects itself and charges you for the correction is a great thing ... and in  no way evil or corrupt. 


you would  prefer that we all have central planning and no one pays for any corrections, so nothing ever gets corrected? People are human and make mistakes, but to criticize those who innovate , simply because they make a profit is as dumb as you can get.



It's ridiculous to think that inventors would market a shoe that they knew was somehow defective, as they would be taking a chance that the market would compete with them to offer a better product.   The world wide bias against the free market is amazingly stupid and short sighted.  I have bought Geox for both my kids and they wear well and look great.  I highly recommend them and think they breathe well enough to warrant the premium pricing, although I try to find them at a discount whenever possible.  Don't let these dullards discourage you for giving your kids or yourself a better choice in shoes.

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