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Going the extra mile...

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I have good skin, but I really want to use some new kinds of products that make my skin look great. I use Lab Series for shaving and as an exfoliator, Clinique for washing my face...A couple of prescriptions for clearing up my acne. What do you guys use to make your skin beautiful?? I am thinking of purchasing facial masks by biotherm or Zirh, and I was wondering what you guys think of those facial masks and any other brands you recommend?? I remeber GQ Lawyer giving some advice on this, but I forget the answer he gave me. Thanks.
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I use the Zirh clay mask. Its supposed to be for people with real oily skin, in order to soak up excess oil on the face. However i dont have skin thats oily, mines more normal to dry, so i use it about once a week just to clear up any oil or blackheads that form. It works well, but i dont think ill be repurchasing it when i run out. Rather, im going to try some of the Aramis Surface line. Most likely the Healthy Look Gel or the Optimizing Skin Cream. My brother has frequent acne and his skin is pretty oily so the mask works for him, if your skin is like his then it would be a good purchase.
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Keeping in mind that my grooming habbits rival that of Patrick Bateman's (and opens itself up for a satirical jab as well), here it is: Wash with Jules and Jane facial wash Exfoliat with Zirh (but only once a week) Aramis Surface Skin Optimizing Creme (I think that is the name) and the blemish stick (daily) Aramis shine remover gel (in the afternoon or before a big meeting) Once a weekthe Astara Blue Flame Purification Masque (a mud based) Once a week the Cosmence Peel and Pure Masque (a peel). I shave with a straight razor (Mach 3 of course) on Monday morning and Saturday nights, and with an electric razor (the Braun 7600) on Tues - Fri. No shaving on Sun the face can rest I use some sort of lotion with SPF (currently Zirh, but have used PoloSport as well) every day. I am sure that I have left something out of this pathetic display of vanity, but, hey, it works and no complaints from the ladies.
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