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~MY new WARDROBE plan~

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Im 18 and over weight and since Im going to college next fall I want to loose alot of weight anyways my goal is to have all my weight lost that I want to lose by May 1st, then the first weekend in May I plan on going on a shopping spree. My limit is 1000 to 1500. I want a more put together look. I was going for colors that I could wear and dress with what moods Im feeling that day. Also I think this is alittle over doing it cause I wont have that much room in my dorm/apartment so some help with numbers and colors would be great. I was going for colors to go wiht my skin tone too since its tan (Greek/Italian). Thanks


7 Polo Shirts (Black/White/Gray/Pink/Yellow/Lt Green/Lt Blue)
6 V-Neck Tees (Black/White/Grey/Blue/Green/Brown)
6 Crew Neck Tees (Black/White/Gray/Red/Yellow/Pink)

6 Thermals (Black/White/Grey/Blue/Green/Brown)
4 Dress Shirts (Black/White/Red/Blue)
4 Button Down Shirts (Dark/Dark/Light/Light)

3 Pajama Shirts (Black/White/Grey)
3 Athletic Shirts (Black/White/Grey)


4 Jeans (Dark Loose/Dark Slim/Light Loose/Light Fit)
3 Dress Pants (Black/Grey/Khaki)
2 Cargo Pants (Dark/Light)

4 Cargo Shorts (Dark/Dark/Light/Light)

3 Pajama Pants (Black/White/Grey)
3 Athletic Pants (Black/White/Grey)
3 Athletic Shorts (Black/White/Grey)

15 Boxer Briefs (Black/White/Grey)
14 Socks (Black/White)

1 Black Dress Belt
1 Brown Casual Belt

1 Leather Jacket
2 Hoodies (Black/White)
2 Track Jackets (Black/White)
3 Casual Jackets (Black/White/Tan)

1 pair of Sandals
1 pair of Black Pumas
1 pair of White Pumas
1 pair of Running Shoes
1 pair of Black Dress Shoes
1 pair of Brown Casual Shoes
2 pair of Flip Flops
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If you intend on moving into a dormitory, I HIGHLY recommend you second guess this endeavor. Almost all freshman, regardless of how hard they try, gain 10-20lbs that first year. None of this stuff is going to fit come December and you'll be really upset.
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Once I loose all this weight I will NEVER gain it back, well atleast not till I get older. Anyways plus if I workout every day I should be fine. Thanks foe the post though. Any opinons on the list what would you add or fix? Anyone else? Thanks
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If you're wearing slim/skinny jeans, boxer-briefs won't work. You need bikini briefs or go commando. Otherwise they show through and are also a major, major pain to put on. 2 dress pants is fine for college. Why do you need pajama shirts? Sleep in a regular tee shirt if you need one. Use that money elsewhere. Lotta plain colors like black/white basics and the same colors in various formats (v-neck, crews, etc). Are you not a color fan? If you have a grey v-neck, why do you need a grey crewcut too?
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I just saw the slim skinny jeans posted some where else althoughn I will probably take them out, I really dont think they are my style honestly. Anyways what would you suggest to get to start off like how many of what?
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Homeboy, there is absolutely no way you're going to do that on $1500. Tone it down a little. This is coming from a college sophomore: you will gain weight your first semester of college. It happens. I put on about 15 pounds, then lost 30 in the next year. Where are you going to school? The fashionable schools (NYU, RISD, Sarah Lawrence, Parsons, etc) have a very different look than state college.
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why so much? 39 shirts??? I would highly advise to thin out what you don't need. find pieces that mix & match well, and make use of your layers for the winter (e.g. if you wear a shirt under a sweater, you could wear that same sweater aagain before you needed to wash it.) To thin it out, IMO - others may have differring opinions: Dress shirts: 1 white, 1 lt. blue. keep a black one for going out or something, in place of a button down. Thermals? Sweaters i guess? Are you sure you'll need 6 of them? may try to cut it down to 2-4. Cut jeans from 4 pair to 2 pair. Find a style that you prefer & go with it. pajamas - up to you i guess, i don't ever wear them (generally shorts/t-shirt instead), but maybe 2 pair instead of 3. You have a lot of dress shirts/pants, but no suit or ties... just an observation. maybe a charcoal & navy suit (or separates) in solids or a muted pattern instead? seems more versatile to me. Lose anything white that isn't a t-shirt (pants/shorts/especially outerwear. you're in college, shit gets dirty. please don't dress matching head to toe when you exercise, all white, etc.) That's a lot of shoes... do you need all of them? seems easy to drop that to 1 pair pumas, 1 pair dress, 1 pair exercise, 1 pair casual. compromise sandals & 2 flip flops for 1 pair decent leather flipflops? I never, ever wear my leather jacket, so take that for what you will. Just one thing to note on an otherwise decent wardrobe: you're pretty much stagnant on a formality scale Casual ---X-- Dressy Casual ----- Dressy ---- Formal you seem to fit there, and maybe between dressy casual/dressy if wearing laceups/dress shirt/pants. If I remember right you were going to school in Alabama, in which case you'll fall into the "preppier" dressed w/ the selected wardrobe. I know when I first went to college, I didn't wear even close to the # of things that I brought. I'd say buy fewer things w/ at least a decent quality, focusing on things that are staples & won't fluctuate, like shoes, watch, and to some extent jeans. I know when I first went I gained 40 pounds in 4 months (exercising, not beer), but my shirts fit dramatically different. So did my jeans, but I don't wear my jeans skin tight, either. Even if for some reason you have to do laundry more than bi-weekly, it isn't all that bad. take your clothes, throw them in, turn it on, do something for 20 minutes, throw them in the drier, do HW for an hour, and fold your 10 or 12 items. oh, yeah... i hate cargo stuff. keep 1 pair pants/shorts for when you have to do something, like say work at a house or lofting beds, etc. don't need the rest of it. Most of the stuff if you say "well I might need this if...", throw it out unless it's a suit. you won't wear it.
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+1 on what Max said. Lets take things slowly here. No need to go out and buy all this stuff at once. Are you walking around in rags now? Surely you have enough clothes to get by for a while, even after May 1st.

And how overweight are you? However fast you think you're going to drop those pounds, in reality, it will take twice as long. That's law of weight loss.

And for all those basics like t's and thermals... just go to AA, or buy from mayo at wholesale prices on this forum. But really, no need to put that much thought into it, or even go on a spending spree. Ease up on that caffiene dude.
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You "want a more put together look." How well do you know your tastes? How overweight are you?

Physically, do you plan to go through significant changes? <Man>, other things change along with the physical changes. Options present themselves. You may find comfort in spending a grand NOW, but you may find considerably more satisfaction and use in spending the grand later. Be aware of the possible changes. It's not limited to the mental and it's not just clothes size.

Maybe try this: Plan one week's attire with consideration to all activities with which you are <guaranteed> to be involved. Class is one thing, sure. Formal and informal things are others. Athletics and clubbing are still others. You get the idea. Be detailed, though, and be honest. Figure in how many times you shower. How often you launder or want to launder. Anything that <realistically> figures into your schedule. Then go back to your list.

Odds are you'll see the need for some adjustments. Point: You want to wear the clothes. But while having a lot of this 'n that at your disposal is nice, the goal is to optimize, isn't it? Optimize to your needs, your build, your taste, and your budget. Function, fit, style, and money.... After planning a week, look at the next timeframe hinted at by your realistic schedule. 2 weeks, a month? Seasonal? Often there won't be major additions necessary.

So, with regards to the shopping list, I'd suggest at minimum scaling down. There is a lot to be learned from "making do" -or however one wants to describe it- with less. And gains are not restricted to finances. Maybe benefit is in developing a strong take on combinations and such.

Specifically, the list appears to me as overkill. Something is getting lost in your plan to cover all the bases/be well prepared. Way too many items per category: 4 cargo shorts, 7 Polo shirts, 3 Pajamas sets, etc. It's too early for that. If you must have things NOW, try 1-2 cargo shorts, 2-3 Polo shirts, 1 Pajama sets. Make these optimal choices.

Generally, I'd suggest you hold off on the shopping spree until you've maintained your weight loss or achieved your physical goal and not only have the confidence and fortitude that you'll stay 'there' (which you appear to have), but have proven it. Use what you have at the moment as much as possible. Research your interests, including best times to buy. The payoff will be greater. And if you are waiting now, then spending later might mean putting off purchases for 6 mos. or so, which isn't really that demanding.
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Where the hell are you putting these clothes? I pray you're not going to live in a dorm. And even college apartment/condo closets aren't enough for that. I have a shit load of clothes too. Mostly just shit to play basketball in and some stuff i have to drop by goodwill.
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You really really need to cut that down, I say buy an outfit or two now and see how you feel about more in a few months or when you see something you cant live without. You will change a lot in college. You think you have it all figured out right now but trust me you will probably not like most of the stuff you bought (if you buy all of that) a year from now. Hell, my style continues to evolve. This time last year I was just finishing my first run through college and I was wearing looser fit boot cut jeans in all kinds of washes and brands like Energie (acutally my first pair of slim straight), Express, and Armani Exchange. I dread even looking at those let alone wearing them for anything other than when Ill be just around the house or working on my car/bike. I have come a long way in the last year. I have a huge collection of Pumas but only wear a pair or two occasionally, nowadays I wear Onitsuka Tigers, Pointy leather shoes (just got a new pair, pictures soon), and my speed cats. Oh and let me say I am glad you cut down your list a bit, back when you first posted this on MensWear you had like 30pairs of underwear (15 is still a lot, cut it to like 7) and color coded Pumas to workout suits
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Thanks for all the advice everyone, I appreciate it and Im going to post a new list soon. But lets just go ahead and forget about the college part just a typical 18 year old and forget about the college part and my shape is a larger or medium build
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I just wouldn't get everything at once. You're 18, do you really need all the dress stuff? I wear dress slacks very little in college. Mainly when going to stuff at the local theater house for operas and stuff. Also depends on where you're living. In florida, i need much less heavy stuff and more tshirts. For dress stuff, try not to worry about having a bunch of options. If you're not going to be dressing up in slacks/shirt/tie that often just have 1 maybe 2 outfits. I'd just stick with 1 go to dress outfit for being 18 years old unless there is a reason you need to dress up very often. 5 colors of basic tees(an extra white or 2) 2 vneck tees 3 athletic shirts(depends on how much you work out) 2-3 thermal/sweaters 2 jeans 1 dress pants 1 khaki 3 dress shits(you can use these with dark jeans and going out) 1 belt reversible brown/black 3 polos 2 button down casual shirts 2 hoodies 2 "other" jackets which would like a m65, f2 field jacket, leather bomber, peacoat, duffle coat, etc... 1 blazer 2 pairs of shorts 1 pair athletic pants 3 pairs athletic shorts boxers socks 1 pajama pants (i just use shorts, plus are you going to slumber parties, who cares) 1 pair dress shoes(coordinate 1 nice dressy outfit) 1 good pair of sandals 1 pair athletic shoes 2 pairs sneakers(chucks/pumas/nikes/vans) That's more than enough. I know what you're thinking, and it seems like a good idea in your head, but you'll eventually have clothes you don't like wearing that often. It's better to keep it simple and get a few basics and spend decent money on FEWER nice wow pieces like people here with nice w+h or engineered garments stuff and good denim. Don't rush it as your style may change. Mine did after as my college career went on. Plus you may see some cool pieces down the road you don't have room for.
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Hey TE, did you actually read any of the responses last time you posted this sort of thing?! This one comes to mind in particular:
Originally Posted by Frittata
please....don't buy clothes like an engineering process...
Here's what you need to do instead of posting yet another new list:
  1. Come up with an absolute minimum set of clothes to get you through the first week of school.
  2. Develop an iterative acquisition process (not a list of acquisitions!): a list of shopping districts in town, a list of people to go shopping with, a mechanism for identifying wardrobe holes, etc.
  3. Modify your process based on feedback: how you feel wearing stuff, what you get complimented on, how your body changes, how much storage room you have left, etc.
I can only assume you're majoring in something technical. Go read about Cybernetic Systems and Agile Project Management. That should help you understand why your current approach is doomed to failure.
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actually Jared I believe this is the third time or so this guy has posted about the same thing (like a week ago in Mens Wear, then about 9mos ago or so also in MensWear)
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