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Gordon gekko asap

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Hey guys, this is my first post here...I have a big business dinner on Wednesday night and I wanted to go for the Gordon Gekko look with the shiny, slicked back hair. I have straight, five inch hair, and I was wondering what products I should use to get the G.G. polished look. I have a plethora of syling products right now, to list some of them... 1) Rene Fuerter Straigtening Gel 2) Kiehls Formula 133 conditioner 3) Aveda Humectant Pomade 4) Phyto Brilliant Creme 5) B & B Styling creme Are there any products that would work better to get this look?? Any suggestions?? Thx.
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I'd pick up some stronger gel and apply it to damp hair, so that it dries in a slicked back fashion. I too do this look sometimes when business situations call for it. I have long hair, and at the moment it's got bright red streaks in it. My hair has a tendency to fall down while combed back, so I might add some hairspray to it as well. The key to the shine will be applying the product while you hair is still damp.
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paul mitchell's super clean sculpting gel
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You will need something that continues to give off that shiny wet look.  Besides Dippity Doo or LA Looks Gel (which I certainly hope that you aren't going to use), Aveda Brilliant Humectrant is designed to give the all day wet look.  Rub some in with a styling gel and you are set. However, don't forget the signature blue suspenders, the cigars, and, of course, the attitude to pull of the G.G. look. ;-)
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