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Really Quick help - Zegna Suit Fit!!!

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Hey there

I found this on ebay. I am looking to buy it as I know I am a 42L with the given waist (6 foot 2 and around 185).
I was wondering if this suit fits slim and how slim? I am looking for a very slim fit (I looked at hugo boss aikonen).
Would the pants on this given suit be tapered for slim fit or a straighter leg?

Please respond ASAP as the auction ends and as you can probably tell I have never owned a zegna suit.
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IF you buy this, you still won't own a zegna suit. This is a cheap piece of crap made with a zegna brand fabric. But it is not a genuine zegna suit. Avoid.
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Thanks for the advice. I found a hugo boss aikonen for around 400. Do you know if the leg on that suit is tapered slim?
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I have no experience with Hugo Boss suits, but as an aside:

As mentioned, that's not a Zegna suit. If you ever see that small red tag or a blue tag of a similar size with the words "cloth" or "tessuto", they are not Ermenegildo Zegna suits. Those tags only indicate that they use cloths made by their factories.

If you're looking for a really tight fit, you would be looking at the Milano model in the mainline, or the Drop 8 in the Z Zegna. Both of them have very soft shoulders, and while Milano is a drop 7 the Drop 8 is, well, 8. The Milano pants are not super tapered (opening is ~8.5") while the Drop is (~8"). The City model from the Z line is also quite fitted, though it has stronger shoulders and slightly roomier.

It's hard to know what look you're going for without examples though.

Edit: I just looked up the Aikonen online. Pants don't look tapered to me, but I could be wrong. That looks very much like my Z Zegna City model.
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