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I purchased a tweed suit from


The Pros:


- Nice Fabric

- Quick turn around (ordered it on June 10 received June 25)

- Suit looks great!


The Cons:


- Sleeves are tight on my biceps.

- I can't bend my arms comfortably, work or drive with the jacket on.

- Harry won't honor their perfect fit guarantee and remake the jacket

- Local tailor says the sleeves can't "let out" as there isn't enough fabric.


Harry's did ask a lot of good questions about my measurements but the one measurement they don't ask for is bicep. They do ask for your "build type" which I indicated was muscular.


After going to a tailor Harry's said that they would remake for a 50% discount. I suggested I would visit one more tailor and see if the alternation was possible, if not they should honor their guarantee. I emailed them pictures of me wearing the jacket to illustrate the problem but no longer receive any replies from them.


Had they been willing to remake the jacket I would have not hesitated to order another suit or two from them. Now I'll just stick with my regular suit source.