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I purchased a tweed suit from


The Pros:


- Nice Fabric

- Quick turn around (ordered it on June 10 received June 25)

- Suit looks great!


The Cons:


- Sleeves are tight on my biceps.

- I can't bend my arms comfortably, work or drive with the jacket on.

- Harry won't honor their perfect fit guarantee and remake the jacket

- Local tailor says the sleeves can't "let out" as there isn't enough fabric.


Harry's did ask a lot of good questions about my measurements but the one measurement they don't ask for is bicep. They do ask for your "build type" which I indicated was muscular.


After going to a tailor Harry's said that they would remake for a 50% discount. I suggested I would visit one more tailor and see if the alternation was possible, if not they should honor their guarantee. I emailed them pictures of me wearing the jacket to illustrate the problem but no longer receive any replies from them.


Had they been willing to remake the jacket I would have not hesitated to order another suit or two from them. Now I'll just stick with my regular suit source.





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Originally Posted by joshmick View Post

I really feel like I've learned a lot from this thread.....




Put me in this category. 


I am a new member who is looking to get a made to measure suit from an online company. The reviews on Harry Suits in this thread are all over the place. They range from terrible to great to it is OK. One poster mentioned he is happy after he spent $60 in tailoring to adjust, so if he spent $250 on Harry's suit, then now he is up to $310. 


The short version is I don't have any firmer foundation now after reading 4 pages of Harry Suits reviews. :rotflmao:

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I ordered two suits from them this summer.


The measurement process is inaccurate and the suit was un-wearable.  Granted I made the measurements, but honestly, there should have been more guidance and examples in the instructions.  I strongly suggest you use an existing suit for making these measurements, and perhaps add some space.


The company remade the suit at no cost to me, which I thought was terrific customer service.  I could easily take the ill-fitting suit and add inches here and there to my profile, so the remade suit ended up pretty close.  Close enough for me. 


The second suit was delayed and that was a good thing until the measurements were finalized on the remake and delivery of the first suit.  They forgot to include a vest, but made one up.  Again, good customer service.




Decent Fabric Selection--probably 100 different fabrics, which is smaller that Tom James Clothing Company, but remember TJ charges you $2,000 for a suit and its made in America. 


Good Customer Service--granted the two suits were screwed up, but Harry's remade on and shipped the vest as ordered, albeit a bit late.


Great Cost Savings--A custom made suit for $250?  Sounds too good to be true, but its not.  There are some hurdles to go through like time and screw ups, but you really can't beat the price.  An off the rack suit runs me about $400, which also needs tailoring, so I'm willing to put up with some BS to save some money. 


Custom Tailored Suit--Once you have the measurements dialed in, the suit will fit like a glove.  See below for how to accomplish that. 




Delay--The suit takes about 6 weeks to make. 


Delay in Customer Service--The folks at customer service will get back to you, but it might take a few days, and often involves an email exchange, so your problem won't be resolved for a week or two.


Suit Not Fully Customizable--I like cuffs on my pants, and this is not an option, nor is the placement of pockets on the vests, color of lining or button construction.  Perhaps if one made a point of this in the comments section, it would work, but the customization options are limited.  For $250, I'm OK with that.




First, order one single really inexpensive suit first.  Don't order multiple suits.  Wait until you've got the measurements dialed in.


Second, when filling in the measurements, pay close attention to that detail, and use an existing suit for the measurements. 


Third, when filling in the measurements, I might add a couple inches to the pants (to make it easier to tailor the hems) perhaps an inch in the waist and jacket length (again, to make it easier to tailor) and pay close attention to the rise measurement.  Too long makes it hard to walk and too short is really uncomfortable. 


Fourth, expect the suit to be screwed up when you get it.  Hopefully, you were reasonably generous in your measurements, and it can be tailored.  Harry's will pick up the tab for tailoring, up to about $100 I think.  If its more than that, they will remake the suit. 


Fifth, once tailored, make a note of what your tailor has adjusted and modify your measurements in your on line profile on the Harry's Web Site. 


Sixth, if you order a second suit, it ought to be dialed in pretty close, but again, your measurements might need some slight tweeking for the for the second suit--take it to a tailor, make the adjustments, and modify your profile again. 


Seventh, after ordering two suits and adjusting your profile, you ought to be really dialed in. 




The bottom line is that Harry's Suits isn't for everybody--if you expect a suit tailored to fit like Tom James for $200, then you'll be really disappointed. 


On the other hand, if you want 3-4 suits which are super cheap and fit well and have features like vests which you cannot find in the store, then Harry's is for you.  I don't buy all my suits there, but there is a place in my closet for their suits, and if one gets ripped or stained, its super easy to get a replacement on the cheap.  

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Over-all I would give this experience a 3/10. I knew it would be a risk from the beginning. They did follow-through on the purchase but the journey to get the end product was not worth the struggle. After ordering and providing precise measurements, they emailed to confirm those measurements. At first I thought it ok, because I, too, wanted it done right the first time. But after 5 emails of confirmation, it became clear to me that their tailors had no clue how to make the product. Around 2 weeks later, the suit showed up. The pants are over-all strange. They just fit weird. Not at all comfortable like a good fitted pant should be. But I left them alone. The jacket was horrible. The shoulders were 2 inches too large. the waist was tapered in 3 inches and the chest was 4 inches too large. This made for a very strange fit, as you can imagine. There were folds and creases of fabric EVERYWHERE! I emailed the company about the issue and there was no response. I threatened to report them, still no response. I reported them for fraud and got a response the same day. After 2 more weeks of trying to (again) confirm my measurements were correct the first time, they were willing to remake the jacket. In my emails, I compared their jacket to a nice fitted jacket that I already own. They requested 4 times for me to send my jacket to them, of which I was very clear made me uncomfortable. They told me that their tailors could not make a jacket without my jacket. After 3 more weeks, the jacket eventually showed up. It fits ok. The fabric is not at all quality cotton as expected. The entire suit looks like it was handmade by a 4 year-old. Very poor quality. Please don't waste your time or money.

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Complete garbage. Poor quality and low class tailors. Save your money
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I spent about $1000 on one of Harrys suits and it is falling apart after about 8 wears.
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I wish I read all these posts before I made my order yesterday. After I'd confirmed my purchase my bank called me straight away saying that the destination of the payment was suspicious. Haven't got a lot of money and am currently saving for a wedding so to hear that I was potentially ripped off was pretty stink.

I still however received 2 confirmation emails 1 with the receipt immediately and the other with the details of my order and confirmation that it was currently being made. Ill post the latter and will send a photo of my purchase when (if 😔😔) my order arrives.

I know this is my first post but if you're suspicious you can suggest a pose in my suit when it arrives.

Chur peeps
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