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Face moisturizer

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Up until recently I have used Polo Face Fitness. My supply has run out, and due to the oilliness of the lotion, I don't intend on replacing it. What other brands have you found sucess with? I also use Aramis Surface Skin Optimizing Cream, but it isn't really an everyday moisturizer with SPF. How bout Lab Series, Kiehls, ect...
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I use Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15, with which I've been very happy. I've used Kiehl's in the past, but it's richer (which I don't need) and more expensive (which I also don't need).
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I have slightly oily skin and use Kiehl's Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer. I've used many brands and am happiest with this one.
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What kind of skin do you have? I have slightly oily skin, so I only use very light moisturizers, if I use one at all. Contrary to what the industry will have you believe, not everyone needs a moisturizer. If your skin produces enough natural oils, there's no sense in adding more oil to your face. For me, in the summer, usually if I put sunscreen on, that's enough. I use sunscreen made by M.D. Forte because it's the lightest sunscreen i've been able to find and absorbs well into your skin. For sunscreen, make sure to get a sunscreen with either titanium or zinc dioxide, which are the active ingredients that block harmful UV rays (none of Kiehl's sunscreens have these ingredients.) I've used pretty much every brand out there, and my favorite moisturizer is one made by Molton Brown called the Instant Matte moisturizer. It's very light and doesn't leave your face shiny. Kiehl's makes good ones too, and the classic ultra facial moisturizer is good. I like the Molton Brown one though better because it has a more pleasant smell. Another brand to look at is Peter Thomas Roth. The oil-free moisturizer is good. Let me know if you have any other questions. Skincare is a favorite topic of mine.
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I would suggest using products from The Body Shop. Good quality stuff. There is a slant towards organic materials and it's not as heavy on the use of chemicals and perfume as most cologne related lines are. www.bodyshop.com The recently introduced a heavy-duty moisture cream called "hemp butter". It is great stuff if you have dry skin or even if you have been out in the sun for awhile. (FYI: there is also no animal testing with their products and it's a respectable corporation - read more about them on their site)
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Don't use the labs series moisturizer. I went shopping looking for Kiehl's and came back with Labs stuff cause I couldn't find Kiehl's. The cleanser and the facial scrub are nice but I don't like the moisturizer with SPF. It's got a chemical smell that I notice all day and my face feels too oily on the places I apply it. I already have oily skin so I've stopped using it except on days after I go tanning. I was told of a palce that sells Kiehl's here so that's what I'm gonna use next when this stuff runs out. They make different products for different skin types so the chances that it would work as desired would seem better.
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Clinique M lotion is a great face moisturizer for men...You can find it at any Clinique counter...I buy mine at Saks Fith Avenue
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All I use is a moisturising body wash from Nivea in the shower, and it works very well. Also, since I can buy it at CVS, it costs a bunch less than something one would get from Neimans... Peace, JG
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Kiehls is great and they have been around a long time. Malin and Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer is some quality stuff, too.
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I just use face moisturizers from Olay and Neutrogena.

You may want to read SCforM, it's a mens skincare blog that I've recently found and liked.
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Nivea Q10 is great.
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Originally Posted by bpsmith22 View Post
Clinique M lotion is a great face moisturizer for men...
This is good, but expensive.
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For oily skin, Body Shop's seaweed mattifying cream keeps my skin from getting too oily. Has been working well to prevent acne.
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I use Zirh Protect, I have combination skin and it seems to work ok, I may try the kiels stuff next time just to have something to compare it to.

The product from Zirh I am really fond of us the Clean which is their face cleanser, smells great and really seems to do a good job of cleaning.
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I've been using Kiehl's for, well, longer than I will admit to. Today is my 55th birthday. My skin looks great. Now if they only had color for my hair
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