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Charvet Ties

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I really don't understand the appeal. I appreciate that the silk and craftsmanship are the very highest quality, but the blinding, iridescent shimmer and gauche patterns makes them totally unwearable for me.

The one thing I really do admire is the history. The lost generation & gilded age apparently loved them. Take a look at some of these quotes:

" ... his clothes might have cost a lot even if they were badly cut, and his tie, though rather loud, she recognized as a Charvet."
W. Somerset Maugham, Theatre: a novel (1951), p.103

"I've brought you a tie from Charvet, Daddy." "Is it loud?" "Very." "Good." They were all so pleased with one another that they burst out laughing."

W. Somerset Maugham, Christmas holiday (1953), p.303

"Shady young men in Charvet shirts sit round the bar repairing with powder-puff and lipstick the ravages of grenadine and crème de cacao."
Evelyn Waugh, Decline and Fall (1928), p.33

"... tightening from time to time the knot of my magnificent Charvet tie and taking care not to soil my polished boots..."

Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past (1922), p. 566

"Sebastian entered — dove-grey flannel, white crepe-de-Chine shirt, a Charvet tie, my tie as it happened, a pattern of postage stamps."
Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited (1945), p.31

"Old Nick had taken out a cambric handkerchief, one of a set of twelve he had bought a year ago, if you call it buying, at the establishment of M. Charvet in Paris..."

P. G. Wodehouse, French Leave, (1956), p.182

"All he learned — from the clothes — was that the Count was a much-traveled man— shirts from Charvet..."

Ian Fleming, Thunderball (1961), p.26

Do any of you guys regularly wear them?
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My Charvet ties are very quiet and I do wear them occasionally.
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I love my Charvet ties. Nothing else compares to the designs they come up with, which seem to be exclusive. The workmanship is top notch as it is with a few other firms.
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I realize this is a bit of a bump but... I've worn my two Charvet ties quite a bit recently. One is quite conservative, and one is dark though a bit funkier pattern. Most of the time I don't see/feel what people talk about with higher quality ties 'making better knots', but these always feel amazing.
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My Charvet ties are too flashy for business, but I love them in the evening. Under low lighting, sometimes a little extra flash is a good thing.
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