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Yea but preorders are now listed as 2 weeks shipping not 9/21.

An extra week is not a deal breaker for many people. It's when you start pushing close to a month that it becomes a problem.
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Oh, I completely agree with you that it's over priced. Wouldn't have a problem with it if each tier was $50, but $100 is too steep. Also agree that everyone does it. It's an industry problem.
In terms of "quality" it's more to the fact that the memory they use is high speed and bandwidth, often specially engineered for Apple needs. They are one of the few companies with enough weight and manufacturing resources built up to have a high level of customization of parts without eating too much into their own bottom line.

Agree that for $50 I'd have probably made the jump. If I really needed it, I'd have paid, but I'm using <5 GB on my current phone.

Edit - and I went with the black/slate. White looks pretty cool too.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

How do you use up 32gig?
Also, I use Gmail a lot, Apple will be fine?

Tons of ways to connect Gmail. I have mine set as a MS exchange to allow for push
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I went with 16GB black. Downgrading from 32 to 16. Realized 75% of the used storage were pictures, some of which are 10 years old. Don't need to sync all of them to my phone. Use about 10GBs right now and could probably do away with half of the apps on my phone. I
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I agree that people don't need to sync all their photos to the phone. It's good to do a sync to iTunes on occasion with the settings configured to only have your most current ones loaded. It also then backs any new ones up for you.

I find audio books and podcasts can take up a surprising amount of space. Make sure you are only keeping the ones you need loaded at any given time. I use Apple's new Podcast app for this and it's a simple process to have it manage the media in this way. For audio books, I use Audible and their iPhone app. What's great about this is they provide easy access to all the books you own on the go, so you don't have to keep them stored on your phone.
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I've never had a phone more than 16GB. I also have the bitrate conversion enabled for mp3s on the iPhone. The only time I've ever hit my capacity limit was when I recorded a ton of videos. I don't keep my entire music library on the phone, just certain playlists.
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I have 32, pre-ordered another 32, but still kind of wishing i'd gone 64.

my phone is maxed out right now and i don't even have any movies on it.

i may have to cull the music collection.
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I use Spotify for my music so that helps even more with storage
post #864 of 4017 the iphone 5 camera the same as the 4s? patch[1].gif I am referring to the camera on the back.
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Holding off until I get some IT issues at work answered. Might hold off until next gen Adroids are out in a month or so.

Question: iPhone doods, have you ever tried Swype? This is a huge hesitancy on my part as it rocks.
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No. The camera has a lot of improvements to it. I'll try and dig up the specs and a comparison for you a little later.
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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

No. The camera has a lot of improvements to it. I'll try and dig up the specs and a comparison for you a little later.

Thanks but you have already robbed me of enough spot light on this thread, I shall redeem myself!!!! cool.gif

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S comparison review: Camera (link)

Read more:

The smartphone megapixel arms race is long dead. Manufacturers are no longer kidding customers that the number of megapixels in a camera are what makes it take a good picture.
When you bear that in mind it goes a long way to explaining why, the iPhone 5 features a 8Mp camera, just like the iPhone 4S. The main difference is that the camera in the iPhone 5 is 25 percent smaller in size, and has a few new features that means it trump the iPhone 4S's camera.
The main camera features of note in the iPhone 5 are that it has a, a hybrid IR filter, a five-element sapphire crystal lens, and a fast f/2.4 aperture. Furthermore the iPhone 5's camera now has a dynamic low-light mode, which in layman's terms means it can work a lot better in low lights, two f-stops better to be precise. All of that and it now takes photos 40% faster.

iPhone 5 vs 4s - cameras compared (link)

Yesterday, Apple released a bunch of sample shots taken using the iPhone 5. By an uncanny coincidence, almost exactly the same shots have been snapped by a photography website using an iPhone 4S. Let's see how to two compare.

Photo specialist site DPreview recently sent one of its writers to Big Sur in California, and by a very curious twist of fate, they snapped a photo almost identical to one of the iPhone 5 sample photos released yesterday.

Both shots were taken in good lighting conditions - this is California after all - which makes comparing the two fairly easy. Getting down to pixel-level, we noticed that some parts of the scene do seem to be slightly sharper (or at least sharpened) in the iPhone 5 photo, and colour saturation and constrast seems to be greater too. The photographer is standing in a slightly different position in the iPhone 5 pic, though, which could have affected the white balance.

What's more interesting than a flat-out comparison is what the EXIF information of the photo tells us about the new iPhone 5 camera. As predicted, the pixel count is the same, as both phones use 8-megapixel sensors. However, DPreview writes that the new iPhone has a slightly larger sensor, as indicated by 4.1mm lens and 33mm focal length - as opposed to the iPhone 4S's 4.3mm lens and 35mm.

The ISO floor of the iPhone 5 also appears to be lower, as the sample shot taken from the new phone uses ISO 50, where the lowest setting available to the iPhone 4S is ISO 64.

We're not expecting to see a world-changing increase in photo quality from the iPhone 5, but these shots are pretty encouraging. They suggest that while the new phone's camera may not be masses better, the thinner body hasn't caused a marked reduction in photo quality either.

The iPhone 5 went up for pre-order this morning in the UK. If you want to get hold of one, you'd better be quick as initial stocks are already selling out.
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One of the most interesting features that has not got a lot of play in the press is the sapphire crystal lens. It's the same stuff used on high end watches and should make the lens much more durable and scratch resistant. Not sure, but I believe this may be a first for a phone? Even if it's not, props to Apple for engineering it into the design.

EDIT: Can't wait to see some formal reviews. While I honestly don't really give a damn if it's the "best" or not on the market, it will be interesting to see the comparisons to Nokia's 920 once both handsets are released. These two companies know how to engineer killer hardware and in my opinion, from this standpoint, are well ahead of anyone else making phones right now. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

So in the end the cost for the user is the same after 2 years unless you stop using your phone as a phone. You just may not pay it all to one place

Basically. You're getting a big discount up front for them being able to lock you in for 2 years. They more than make up the money on you in the long run.
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