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Been testing out the music streaming services. Spotify's got a good interface and lots of music, but they don't have any Led Zeppelin. WTF? Also, seems to take much longer to load and change songs and shit. Rdio lets you play full albums but there's really no free service at all. They have almost all new releases and a pretty great backlog. App's much more intuitive than the Spotify app.

Both of them make Pandora look like shit.
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I mostly load all my music onto my phone but sometimes when I'm bored of what I have I'll use Hype Machine. That's the only streaming app I'd use.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

Well, while installing my latest case I discovered that I had bent my iPhone. Very, very slightly. So I bent it back. Now there's a very very small surface flex ripple next to one of the volume buttons. Nothing else.

Speaking of which, none of you have commented on my new case. It rules. It should, as I paid almost as much for it as my phone. 


Can't imagine what you would have to do to bend a phone.

Does the case come in other colors?
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It's a nice looking case but if it was 200 USD confused.gif
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Oh, don't worry, it wasn't $200. It was $169.

Now if you happen to be in Japan, or know a good reliable proxy, they can be cheaper:

The ones listed at Isetan look to be goatskin, while the one I have is shrunkencalf. The come in Alligator as well, for a bit more.
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Too bad I can't read japanese.
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Well my phone looks brand new, probably because it is, so lets see how long this lasts.
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I just started using the "Do not disturb" feature. It has improved my sleep by 47%.
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Scheduling "Do not disturb" for class, sleep, etc. and for dates is icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Once I figured it out I was pretty pleased. Except for when it didn't work the first 6 days of the year. That was shitty.
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Yes, I would always just use vibrate, however the phone would make a vibrating noise and light up in the middle of the night for notifications and such. So annoying.
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Vibrate function = silent
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Vibrations on a nightstand = air moving = makes a noise you dick fuck.
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Because air isn't moving anyway.

No; I meant I turn off vibrate when on silent and use the switch to trigger vibrate/silent mode.
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Why do all of that, when you can just turn on do not disturb?
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My life isn't as structured as yours, that's why.
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