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People listen to podcasts? confused.gif
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My father just discovered them after getting an iPod for christmas and downloaded pretty much every Car Talk that has ever aired.

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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

People listen to podcasts? confused.gif

Solidarity. Never listened to one before either.
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I was at the local mall last week...first time in years and hated it...anyway, saw a kiosk where they would take your device, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, and put some sort of coating on it. Could pick a girly colour or something like graphite, etc. Sort of thought about it given the low quality/fragile coating the 5 has.
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Did you opt for zebra, or leopard?
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Cotton candy pink.
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On the inside they are all pink.
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The dead ones are gray.

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Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

The dead ones are gray.

Depends on how soon you get to them.
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I hardly ever do streaming. If I do it's KQED and Monocle 24. I discovered Ladyhawke on M24, haven't picked up on any new musical acts or artists since. My musical tastes stop mostly at 1989.
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You'll be happy to know - yesterday afternoon I sold my Iphone 5 for £600 

Which is more than I expected - so looks like a new pair of shoes are on the cards - although im sure the mrs wont be too happy... 

Wish me luck!

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T-Mobile came out and announced that they'll be offering unlimited 4G data with no throttling on their prepaid plan for $70 a month, unlimited talk and text also included. I think this is going to be huge with the iPhone set.

Is this where you have to jailbreak and bring your own phone?
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Well looking at the journal this morning it looks like Apple might produce a lower-end iphone to gain market share against cheaper phones.
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Maybe they should focus on producing a solid flagship phone first.
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Ya, over the last couple of weeks mine has developed this squeak/popping sound that jar lids make right below the home button.
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