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I haven't but I wouldn't order unless you have read some reviews.
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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

I can't remember the last time I wanted to side load music onto my phone. Streaming is all I do these days. Mostly Pandora.

Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

+1 streaming is the shit.
I don't listen to much music in my phone though. NPR and podcasts all day everyday.

I have never streamed music. I ma kind of anti-streaming. I cannot just "casually" listen to music that I don't know. For me to get into a band I have to digest one album at a time and listen to it many times and such. I take my music listening very seriously it isn't just background, or zone out noise for me.

Maybe there is a link because I have no scratches on my phone either.
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You have an iPhone, why were our messages green?

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Because imessage never works?
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The blue messages are so much nicer to look at. Green is mostly a ghastly color.

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I am indifferent.
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FWIW, the system in the Camry does not recognize the lightning connector.

Patrick - you use iTunes to get music onto your phone?
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That's what you get for driving a Camry.

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FWIW Benz recognizes the 30 pin to lightning connector.
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thank you for that stunning retrospective
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Any of you guys use the CNBC Real Time app? Why is it taking them so long to update it so it can fill out the entire screen? Unbelievable..
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I think I tried it and realized it wasn't that good.
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Why do you think it's not good? As far as I'm aware, it's the only iPhone app that displays stocks in real time. It works perfectly fine, but it's about goddamn time that they stretch out the app to cover the entire screen!
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I may have downloaded a previous version. I'll download it again and check it out. I keep TD open on my machine and the other news sites.
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