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The 99 cent rubber bumper from Hong Kong just came in....lost the Otterbox for my iP4, it's like having a new phone almost! Now it goes in my pocket!
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I've been using this for the last couple of weeks.

Overall it works well. Being made for Japanese, it opens backwards, but that's a big plus as it allows the volume and mute buttons to remain available for use when closed. Unlike some similar cases it adds little bulk. Unfortunately in execution the materials look rather cheap.

I'm still waiting for somebody like Master Piece or Valextra to make a high quality leather shell for the iPhone 5.
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anyone bought a case they've been happy with yet? any switcheasy owners?
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

anyone bought a case they've been happy with yet? any switcheasy owners?


I love my Poetic Atmosphere. The back has gotten a few scratches (mostly from me spinning it on its back, a bad habit) but at ~$10 I don't mind replacing it should it get too bad.


Not my photo

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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And the bullshit continues. Want to get T-Mobile service? Can't. Why? Cause you need to order the nano sim on the internet. Want to do that? Can't. Why? Cause they're out of stock. Want to sign up for the pay as you go monthly plan? Can't. Why? Cause the only plans that use the nano sim's are plans that make you sign up for a contract.
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breaking news: t-mobile doesn't have iPhones.

sorry, correction:
breaking news? Oh yeah, t-mobile doesn't have iPhones.
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But, hey, go ahead and keep it up. Apparently my name switched to GreenFrog while I wasn't looking and you think this cunty shit will fly.
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LifeProof has been good for me. Preserving the phone is what I really care about.
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i hardly think that posting a link to available phones from a national carrier qualifies as "cunty shit".
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ok, I have looked at 5 of those links. Really?? Post #3216 still applies.

One could even conclude this by simply looking at the words in the links.
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got it. An internet search result. What could go wrong, Step 2 and all.
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