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Or top of the knee skirts because he likes it 2 below.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I was talking to a friend who is a real techy this weekend and he thinks Apple is going to merge the macbook and macbook air into essentially one device. He said in the future all macbooks will essentially be airs. Sounds cool.

Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

i suspect that will be the case as well, but it'll be a bit before they can shrink the tech needed to power the MbPR into the Air's frame.

I'd be all for this, but a big reason I didn't purchase an Air initially was no CD drive. I know they're getting more obsolete, but c'mon...
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I feel like I'd only use the CD drive to download new software or something. Hopefully they can just do it in store for Office.
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I have an air and I just bought the usb CD drive that goes with it. Honestly it has been collecting dust. I thought I would use it much more often than I do. If you aren't ripping CD's you don't use it much.
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yeah the air is okay, I use it when I don't need to do serious work on my machine. Probably going to buy the retina, you know because my pro is so heavy. shog[1].gif
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100+ comments, so, who is picking up a LifeProof case? Got my order in queue via PayPal payment page, should I?
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I'll probably pick up this Poetic Atmosphere case to switch out with my CaseCrown when I get bored.
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I have the Case Crown right now that you recommended.

But I just don't feel quite secure with it hence I picked up the LifeProof. Not sure what to do with the case crown afterwards. Maybe just hand it to a co-worker since one of them commented on how light the case is.

* * *

Had my iPhone with the Case Crown in back pocket. When I reached for the iPhone before sitting down, one side of the case slid off (shorter side) and I was standing for a good minute digging for it in my back pocket. Luckily the restaurant was not too full. lol8[1].gif
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I really hate bulky cases so no LifeProof for me.

I'm surprised your CaseCrown just slipped off like that though. I had the glider case for the 4S and it was really well made, needed a lot of force to take it apart. For the 5 I ended getting the snap-on (this) cause I realized my earphone plug won't work with the glider. Yellow on black looks so good but that case probably doesn't offer much protection.
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Yeah it slipped off pretty easily (2 weeks ago) surprisingly.

LifeProof is not so bulky IMO and holding the 4S version. I really liked it in hand when holding my bosses and the 5 being a bit slimmer will only take away, if only by very few margin, the bulkiness. As is I find the 5 very uncomfortable holding in one hand so I welcome the extra surface area the LifeProof case will provide. Plus, now I can throw my phone or place it anywhere without much hesitation and can do crossfit with it as my radio (5).
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There's still no unlocked iPhone 5 god damn it!
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Just get the Nexus 4. It's a solid option as you indicated before.
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Why do you need an unlocked iphone? Millions of people are happy with their phones the way they are. It makes no sense to me. confused.gif
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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

Just get the Nexus 4. It's a solid option as you indicated before.

Doesn't have LTE, which may or may not be an issue for him. I have to say though... It is nice having LTE.
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