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noted on the EZ pass thing. Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I have that. Tested it out and it's pretty cool.
FWIW, Samsung DOES NOT have Find My iPhone. wink.gif

Seekdroid? You can install it on your phone and then hide it so theives can't even find or open the app. If you don't already have it when you lose the phone, you should be able to push it to your phone from the google app store as long as your phone is lost somewhere with service.
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So, why don't you just leave your phone at home when you want to do something bad?

Also, I took my case off my iPhone five today to check for scratches. Nothing yet.
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iPhone 5 accessories are definitely starting to hit stores. Best Buy and AT & T both had cases. AT & T and Apple both have lighting chords. Still no adapters.
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i find the remote wipe feature of Find my Iphone pretty cool, although i hope to not have to use it

it would be even cooler if you could remotely set the phone to physically self-destruct
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Would you people stop posting about Androids? This is an iThread!
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First scuff came from me throwing it against a wall after watching the Tigers lose it.
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wtf? this thread only had 2 poasts in the last 24 hours?!?!
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i think Piob's working long hours this week.
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^Nope. Not only does he finally love and appreciate his iPhone, but he also knows how to use it now!
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Yes Pio finally did his due diligence learning the OS. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Would you people stop posting about Androids? This is a fanbo-iThread!

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Girlfriend put a laptop down onto my iphone. Small scratch on the screen. Can't see it when it is on, but faintly when it is off. Should I make her buy me a new one for $49? devil.gif
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Just for the fanbois: figuring out some of the non-intuitive stuff, stuff Android does so well, is not "learning an OS."

Btw, hate how if you're in mail, tap a link to hit your browser, when you close out the browser you're back on homescreen. It's a shame this thing can't multi-task and window things like an Android can.
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You can by double clicking the home screen.
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