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So, do you think it's Best Buy's fault.. or Apple's? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Despos, it is okay. I ordered the night of 9/14 at about 12:30AM PST time.
I got an update as well tonight as well; Apple sent me a new email with new tracking saying my item is on its way. Originally it said will arrive 9/21/2012 by 3PM.
New update: "Shenzhen, China, Friday, 09/21/2012"
I'm in California.
OH YA! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Better hope your iPhone 5 is not on the slow boat from China then. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

So, do you think it's Best Buy's fault.. or Apple's? smile.gif

I'd lean towards Best Buy. They're a company in bad shape; seems like it'd be awfully tempting to massively oversell their iPhone allocation to bring in some bucks. With everyone else, the deliveries are pushed back in weekly tiers, yet Best Buy goes straight from "on time" to "28 days late" the night before delivery is supposed to take place? Something isn't right. Either they were deceitful, or they are a complete logistical nightmare, or Apple lied to them (but not anyone else).
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lolol at the lines..

I left my house at 7 AM to cruise around my local Apple and AT&T stores and the lines were ridiculous!! I saw the people waiting desperately to get their hands on an iPhone and thought it was the saddest sight ever -- I couldn't subject myself to such absurdity so I said fuck it and just drove back home.

I won't be getting an iPhone today, and that's quite okay, for today, I am not a fanboi.

Edit: I should have paid someone to be my bitch and wait in line for me.. that's a great use of disposable income.
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2.5k people in Hamburg.
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scuff/scratch-gate is REAL folks fanbois!

hahahahahahahha this shit is so funny
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

So, do you think it's Best Buy's fault.. or Apple's? smile.gif

Dude, of course it's Best Buy's. They have pulled this shit many times in the past. Taking preorders for stock they knew they were not going to be able to deliver. It's happened with Apple products, gaming devices and other hot items. It's a shitty company that really doesn't give a damn about it's customers and is reaping this fact by losing them in droves.

Seriously man, your trolling of Apple and people who enjoy their products in this thread is fucking old by this point.
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Lulz. Of course it will scratch. Did people think Apple has some special iAnodize process that was better than all other anodizing?

Now if it's scratched out of the box, that's pretty poor.

Stop crying, fanbois! We on SF refer to this as patina.
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Yeah, still too early to tell on the scuffing. There are only a small handful of people in that thread complaining about it. The phone is launching today. Millions of people will soon have them in hand and if it is a wide spread issues, the outspoken voices will be heard in masses. I think it makes sense to give this a week or two before forming an opinion and not get knee jerk about it based on so little information. YMMV.
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Damn. Gotta wait until Monday.

I am sad
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Scratched out of the box:

ZOMG! Can you imagine if a certain fanboi here starts to video his box opening and finds a scratch?

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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

German article, maybe Boo can translate. Dents out of the box:,2192,17625644.html
Some guy bought an iPhone. Unpacked it, it had scuffs. They opened 30 iPhones, none was faultless. Now he's got one with a small scuff and free extended guarantee.

Other guy ordered two iPhones for him + brother, both had scuffs.


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