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Lacoste "ULTRA SLIM" polos

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I'm a short , lean guy (5'4", 124lb with broad shoulders, slim waist), so as you can imagine, shopping becomes a bit of a chore with certain brands being essentially off limits due to my body type.  The two things which tend to make my life a little easier are slim fit or "athletic fit" clothes, and mid-high end European companies as they usually run smaller and slimmer.  Which brings me to Lacoste, a brand whose clothes I absolutely adore, but I've always found their polos in a size 4(American S) tend to run just a little longer than I'd prefer, and a whole lot baggier.  As a result I decided that i needed some better fitting polo shirts, and after a brief look through their website, I settled on one of their "Lacoste L!VE" series "Ultraslim" polos in an Xs, and two "Slim" polos also in XS. Imagine then my surprise when receiving them that the shirts were still far longer than I'd have expected, and that the difference in fit between the "Ultraslim" and "Slim" was negligible. What should I do? Does anybody know a good polo brand for shorter guys like myself, and has anyone else noticed this trend among Lacoste's shirts?

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buy larger sizes in boys................real talk.
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Sorry to say this but at 5'4" nothing(RTW) will fit you properly. Get them shortened at your tailor .
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I really like Lacoste's polos very classic, but for your body type finding a perfect fit can be quite a challenge.

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Originally Posted by Viral View Post

buy larger sizes in boys................real talk.

I'm 5'3", 125. I second this. Go Lacoste or Polo boys. If you go Polo get the "Custom Fit" in L or XL. Best of luck.
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Yup, larger boy's sizes are your best bet. I'm 5'3" and have had good luck in Macy's boys dept. with brands such as Lacoste, Polo and Guess. If you're into more younger, casual stuff American Eagle polos in vintage fit should suit you well. Problem is, some seasons they release them with shorter hems, and others are too long.
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You know, it's weird, but i tried on a different Lacoste polo, same size, and the hem was perfect. obviously some inconsistency with the brand here because I'm very confused. I'd have thought the "ultra slim" or "slim" would be hemmed the same way a normal one is but i guess i was wrong....

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