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CDGH+ AW1994

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appropriate post or belong in RFT?

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i will wear my naruto headband in my next waywt biggrin.gif
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Silent Damir + Nike ffffuuuu.gif

this time in a japaneze streetwear magazine, so i guess is gonna be real big to wear himalayan monk clothing + flywire trainers now
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All the monks are doing it.
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^true. my hometown had a big tibetan monastery and they all wore nikes under their robes.
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I thought Damir himself preferred Adidas?
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No, I think it was Nikes. I recently saw a guy in baggy black wool drop crotch pants rolled up with grey Nikes. Actually thought it looked cool. Way better than Lanvins or some "fashion" sneaks anyway.
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the silence in this thread is disturbing mad.gif
always good to have extra copies saved elsewhere .. just in case ,

Comme des Garçons 1983

Comme des Garçons SS99

Comme des Garçons 1994

Some more 90s shows

Comme des Garçons AW96

Comme des Garçons AW97

Comme des Garçons SS98

Comme des Garçons AW98

Comme des Garçons AW09

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^ Very nice, Mr Shah. I like those asymmetrical cut dresses from 99. Pretty and sorta 60s.

Since we're on the subject of CdG, here's a few looks from ss04 homme (the Pink Panther collection) and a couple misc. stragglers. I like the hippy, surfy vibe of these, and of course the hot pink. :-). I think the models are from some BritPop band. Maybe someone knows who they are.

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the artsy fartsy drawcrawtch looks fun ! i spammed sipang with some pink panther sweaters from that collection, he didn't take the bait foo.gif

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Hot pink is such an awesome color.  DH used it really well also back in the day.

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There wouldn't happen to be any photos of Comme des Garcons Homme A/W 95 would there? It would be greatly appreciated as I have a coat from that collection and would love to see what the rest of the collection looks like.

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