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Sounds good.

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Originally Posted by HalfCanvas View Post

Tony, it's interesting that you say the 1220 is cut on the same pattern as the Highest Quality Type A. I have both and, while almost identical, I did find the shoulders on the 1220 fit more cleanly on my shoulder line. Maybe I am imagining things though. Either way, it's a great cut -- trim and very soft.

As a long time Oxxford dealer, I know for a fact that it is identical paper. The difference is hand-made garments are not always the exact same from garment to garment because of the human element, and the tolerance is greater (3/8") that those of machine made and computer cut garments (1/4"), that is why they will fit a little different from garment to garment, but not too different.
The Capitol Model (Type B) is the same as Type A but with a fuller chest.
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Originally Posted by VMan View Post

Here is some info to clarify. Oxxford now has two lines - 'Highest Quality' and '1220', and there are different models within each line.
Both use full-canvas construction. However, the HQ line features more handwork, hand-padded lapels, and premium fabrics (140s and up). Retail on the 1220 suits is around $2500 for basic fabrics, up to around $3000 for special fabrics. The HQ line starts at around $4000 and goes up to $5000 or more for top-end fabrics.
Most of the Highest Quality line are the Type-A model, which is the slim-fit. The Type-A has a somewhat Neapolitan cut, with higher armholes and very light shoulder padding. The fit is similar to Isaia 'Base V' or Zegna 'Fit Milano'.
'Radcliff' refers to the model of the trousers, available in both Flat-Front and Dual Reverse Pleats. The 'Radcliff' features a trimmer-leg, mid-rise, and the waist generally runs 1" smaller than the tagged size.
The main 1220 model is the '1220 N2'. The fit is similar to the Type-A, though with a tiny bit more room through the chest and shoulders and slightly more padding (but still light). The 1220 N2 model always comes with flat-front pants.
The 1220 line also uses the 'Capitol N2' model, which sometimes comes with single-pleat trousers. The Capitol N2 is more of a moderate fit, but by no means 'full-cut'.

I have purchased two Oxxford Type-A suits from VMan, and he was great to work with and the suits are kick ass - better than any of the Brioni, Borrelli or RLPL I have.
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