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I just fail to understand how anyone so obviously consumed with self loathing would expect those around them to see anything else
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Has anyone mentioned yet "would hit" the legal intern? I would.

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It's crazy to me that most people don't know these terms being thrown around....
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Did you see Crump's associate? She sounds like she's as dumb as a bag of rocks, but


She also claims to be black, which surprised me, but I guess if the scholarship money is there...
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

It's crazy to me that most people don't know these terms being thrown around....
You need to check your can-read-books privilege.
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Emily Sindt Fuck that wannabe white bitch! I Damn sure don't want her! She needs to be real and accept the fact she turned on her community for a racist pig!
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Dee A. Bee Hey idiots it's not HATING when you're STATING facts. And it's a fact she betrayed her race... THE HUMAN RACE
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Jackson Jackson Channa,
You are not only a disgust to the black community, but you are disgust to women’s sisterhood all around the world! I watched you doing ‘free” legal work for the defense and I couldn’t help but to wonder what else did you gave away for free, for your 15 minutes of fame!

I’ve met many women like yourself whose only purpose in life is to ensure you get a seat at the white man’s table; even if that means giving free entry into your candy shop!

You will do well in the “white man’s” legal system. Due to the fact that you have no problem prostituting your soul and conscience! You have allowed white southern men to do what they have done since the days of slavery; rape our black women and kill our black men!
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Shinese Carmena Hardmon Anyone who defends a 17 getting profiled by a 29 yr. old trigger happy wanna be cop in limbo is not smart, professional, respectful nor strategic. I could be dying to be a lawyer but some situations I can't defend intern or not. It's called morality. You're a thristy chick that'll lick dog-food off the street on live tv if that means you'll get some tv time. So glad you don't represent real black women like Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Bassett, Chaka Khan, Faith Evans, Lena Horne, Betty Shabazz, Camille Cosby, Coretta Scott-King, Dorinda Clark-Sheard, Kim Burrell , Soledad O'brien, Star Jones, or OPRAH WINFREY. You're a sheer embarrassment & trust you're in a league of your own....thank goodness.
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Benjiman Hoodlum You can applaud and accept the crackers money but at the end of the day your a simple porch monkey ,,,, And u did it for free WOW
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African-American Defender You helped the murder of a black child go free.
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Mickey Coffeey Coon
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Jon Jon Howard You my friend are poison to your people thank for helping a murderer
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Fred Muhammad Williams SELL OUT BED WENCH
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OneRaw Hussla ^^YES INDEED!!! I pray wholeheartedly that everyone representing this #DEVIL suffers a horrible demise.Especially anyone of Hue.
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So I wonder what Crump's end of this whole thing is worth? No way he's only getting a measly $300K out of it.
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post


Now this is messed up. Looks like this creepy ass cracka is going to get the death penalty. Good.

He can't get the chair but I think his defense is going to have a tough time.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

It's crazy to me that most people don't know these terms being thrown around....
I live in the pc/ lbgt capitol of the world and I was drop jawed at the wiki entry when I googled cisgendered . My estimation of the level of stupid and unnecessary in the world underwent a seismic shift
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The highlight of the wiki article is the idea that people have an "assigned gender" Like there is a big line and you get what you get from the department of gender assignment depending on what is available or needed at your particular time and location.
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People, if given the opportunity, will rationalize anything
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Just the term " gender assignment" is frought with confusion and misdirection as to the nature of what is to be a responsible being in posession of free will
Sorry to derail this thread . I' ll let it go . I just feel like I discovered aliens living amongst us
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”I have a greater duty, beyond the law, and that’s to be a social engineer”
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

5 Things White People Can Learn From Rachel Jeantel


From the article:
"Rachel took the stand as the defense's star witness and found herself being made to look like a fool in the public eye; she became a joke to Don West and an entire race of people who looked on at the trial from the comfort of their cookie-cutter homes in the suburbs; people who have never, and will never, encounter the other Rachel Jeantels in this world."

Silly ass shit. Never mind that downtown urban areas and housing projects tend to be pretty cookie cutter, but Jeantel looked the damn fool partly because she so perfectly fit the stereotype that so many have in fact encountered. One does not have to live in the ghetto to run into the Jeantels of the word. Not to mention the black entertainment industry has done a fine job of presenting that character for all to see.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Has anyone mentioned yet "would hit" the legal intern? I would.

Mine was better. White hispanic too.
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