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That editorial might be the stupidest thing posted on the internet this week. It would be funny if it weren't so disgusting.
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I believe it's called a Shitstorm.

Even a PS ( perfect shitstorm )

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They are still going on evidentiary hearings. It's got to be almost 9 PM there. That's something else.

Apparently Martin had conversations with something like five people about trying to get a gun in the week before Zimmerman says Martin tried to take his gun. The judge isn't going to let it in, but damn.
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"Zimmerman had an image in his community as a good guy, who wanted to protect people. So he -- and not Martin, the victim -- has gotten the benefit of presumption of innocence. Normally, in murder cases that doesn't happen. People generally believe that if you've been arrested and charged that you must have done something wrong, but those lines are blurred here," says Donaldson.

So much for innocent until proven guilty, huh? If someone dies and you get charged, you must have done it and it must have been murder.
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That dumb bint doesn't know what "presumption of innocence" means. I loathe her.
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A fucking woman sportswriter who thinks she knows something about law.
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The judge finally ran out of steam and very abruptly recesses. But she's reconvening at 8 AM tomorrow. O'Mara says he's not prepared for tomorrow. West says, Judge, I'm not physically able to keep up this pace. She talks over them and says too bad.

That's something else.
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That's very considerate of her.
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Dramatic video of Judge Nelson leaving as Attorney West tries to keep arguing his client's case.

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Maybe the judge is getting some of that sweet HOA money.
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Oh. I watched the video instead of just listening to it. The judge was already standing and walking away as West complained. O'Mara gestures for him to stop several times... West kept talking to her back.

This case is very entertaining.
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The text messages thing is also interesting.

It seems to me that you could make a strong open-the-door argument on both the fighting and the gun. Zimmerman says Martin tried to take his gun during the fight. The state says that's a lie. It turns out Martin desperately wanted a gun... Hell, for all we know, Martin saw the gun when Zimmerman was fumbling around for his cell phone and attacked him to get it.

Plus, the state was inexplicably allowed to introduce proof Zimmerman had been taking "MMA" classes. The fact that Martin was also into organized fighting out to be let it in.

The judge's problem with the text messages seems to be authentication. The defense says they didn't have time because the "good" text messages were hidden in the phone behind a second password and weren't produced to them by the prosecutors. They argue that's a discovery violation and that the judge should have given them a continuance.

The judge seems to think that two passwords aren't enough to prove they were Martin's text messages and not some entirely hypothetical seven-year-old's who borrowed the phone and just happened to know the password to Martin's phone as well as the second password to his hidden text messages and porn collection. I don't see why some abstract doubt as to who wrote them shouldn't go to weight rather than admissibility, but I take it the judge disagrees.
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SANFORD, Fla. (AP) -- A central Florida judge ruled Wednesday that Trayvon Martin's cellphone texts on fighting and a defense animation depicting the fight between Martin and George Zimmerman won't be introduced as evidence at Zimmerman's trial.

Judge Debra Nelson made her ruling Wednesday, a day after she heard arguments on the matter. Prosecutors had claimed the texts were irrelevant and taken out of context. They also objected to the computer animation, questioning its accuracy and saying it would mislead jurors.

"This is a murder trial. This isn't `Casablanca.' This isn't `Iron Man,'" prosecutor Richard Mantei said.

The judge seemed concerned about the animation's accuracy during arguments. While the animation can't be introduced as evidence that can be reviewed by jurors during their deliberations, defense attorneys may be able to use it during closing arguments, she ruled.

"To have an animation go back into jury room that they can play over and over again gives a certain weight to something that this court isn't exactly certain comports with the evidence presented at trial," Nelson said Wednesday night.

The judge agreed with prosecutors' concerns about introducing the 17-year-old's text messages. But defense attorney Don West had argued the texts were relevant since they showed Martin's interest in fighting and physical capabilities.
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I'm not sure how the Defense would use the animations during closing arguments without having the person who prepared the animation testify as to what it represents and where the info for it came from.
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That CNN article is fucking disgusting. CNN is just going to go ahead and become Gawker, I guess.
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