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Defense can't introduce pictures from Martin's cell phone in court, so they do it in the press. What's good for the goose and all that.

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Here's the picture of the gun without the ABC news crop.

Gotta love the media:

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I really don't have time to go through all the ZvT stuff, but apparently Martin talked a lot about fighting in his text messages, getting in trouble for fighting at school, dealing drugs, wanting to buy a gun.

None of that will probably come in at the trial, but they also added that the pants Martin was wearing when he was shot had grass stains...on the knees. Doesn't exactly conflict with Zimmerman's account of the shooting.
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Ah c'mon, this is clearly someone who was taught responsibility. I mean, who doesn't handle their gun at home with their finger on the trigger?
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Emotions aside, this is going to be a tough case for the state to prosecute and win.

"You don't call the police if you're trying to murder someone,"

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I just read an article that they only need 6 jurors in FL. Seems like that will hurt Z with less chance of a hung jury. Thoughts?
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Holdouts usually favor the defense, but the Zimmerman case will probably turn that on its head (like it does so many other predispositions). He may be better off with the smaller jury.
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A Caucasian male who is a member of the Coffee Party Progressives, which describes itself on its Facebook page as “dedicated to seeking justice for Trayvon Martin,” was dismissed from the court on Wednesday when he tried to land a spot on the jury in the trial of George Zimmerman. Jerry Counelis, referred to as panelist E-7, was asked basic questions by attorneys from both sides and responded with circuitous and lengthy answers. He said that he was an unemployed painter and musician and had no conflicts with being sequestered.
But after the questioning was over, the attorneys approached the judge, Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, who then asserted that she had a question of her own for Juror E-7; asking him if he had posted something on the Coffee Party Progressives Facebook page back on March 21. She then circled a section of a piece of paper, gave it to Counelis, and ordered him to say aloud whether he had indeed posted that section on Facebook. Admitting that he had, Counelis was dismissed. He had written that the justice system “needs an enema.”

He should be prosecuted for perjury.
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Video down. What was it?
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It's the video of the Judge calling the Juror out on being a lying asshole and confronting him with his facebook postings.

Here's part of it. Skip to 3:35
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Wait wait wait. Are you telling me that I can get dismissed from jury duty by posting something like that on FB or twitter or something?

I would love to never serve jury duty, I just assume they're all guilty anyway, I don't need to hear any "facts".
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You don't need to post it online. Just say it in court and they'll let you go. You'll look like an asshole though.
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Originally Posted by celery View Post

Wait wait wait. Are you telling me that I can get dismissed from jury duty by posting something like that on FB or twitter or something?

I would love to never serve jury duty, I just assume they're all guilty anyway, I don't need to hear any "facts".

You could, and as Ata said you can just say it in court.

But do me and all defense attorneys a favour and say you don't like cops instead. That way if you're not dismissed for cause the Prosecution will have to use a peremptory challenge to get rid of you. Thanks.
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What do our forum mouthpieces think the racial and gender make up of the jury will be?
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Not following it closely and don't know anything about how picking a six-member jury works in Florida.

Hopefully Zimmerman didn't hire Marsha Clark as a jury consultant.
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