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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

So, in your case where it's either bracers or a belt, you'd go with the belt for a BlazerSuit. But if you really didn't *need* the added support, would you still say that a belt was preferable for a casual suit (my gut kinda tells me it is)? If it was a purely cosmetic consideration?
on edit: F.C., thanks for your insights on side adjusters. I'm pretty sure I won't need either a belt or adjusters to have the pants stay in place, as I don't need either with my other pants, so it's back to being a cosmetic consideration.
Of course, the point about the versatlity of pants with belt loops is well noted and will probably be the deciding factor.
So, any recommendations for thin buckled belts? biggrin.gif
I have a feeling that the couple of styles I have from Equus are too bulky...

Even with slim, flat front suit pants, you get more elegance of line if the pants are not so tight on the hips. See tutee's pants fit thread if you are curious about details.

I think that a bridle belt isn't great in suit would be okay the pants can be worn as separates and you wear them in that mode.

Any calf or exotic skin belt with an unobtrusive buckle in a normal color should be fine. I like alligator belts because of their mismatch to all my shoes.
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Interesting. I have seen tutee's pant fit thread but maybe I should check it again.

Not wearing bridle leather with a suit makes sense, now that you mention it (I haven't worn a belt with a suit for a long time and with odd trou I usually wear a suede belt).

I'm still undecided on exotics though, and as long as foo.gif won't share where to source the epic Longhi Tubo Alligator Belt I fear it may never come to pass (5).
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

I can't stand self supporting trousers and IME they never self support anyway.....
Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

Side adjustors are mostly decorative unless they are used on pants cut to be worn with suspenders, but also anticipated to be worn without. In the latter, the side adjustors (or sometimes a single back adjustor) can winch in the pants so they don't fall down as much.
...My recomendation for you? Belt loops.

If this is true for the two of you and your (bespoken) pants are in need of loops and corresponding belt, doesn't that just mean that your (bespoken) pants are too loose and when tightened with belt, you will have wrinkles/surplus fabric on your waistband? confused.gif
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