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That's a shame. One of my favorite labels.

The denim he sourced for his jeans (selvage, the wide-loomed was average) was awesome. His fits alone would have a lot of love on this side of the forum, but the hand was almost like cashmere.

Speaking of which, his knits were really nice, too. I own quite a few of his pieces, from ties to shirts to jackets to pants, from both of his labels (Spurr and Simon Spurr, the higher-end collection) and it was all really well-made, well-fitting, and with the use of good fabrics.

The nylon trench coat I picked up last season was a good example of how he'd take classic garments and add a youthful twist. Not exactly taking it to extremes like Junya or MMM, but more modernizing a piece.

Like Namor said, he priced his signature line to compete with Jil,MMM, etc. but the aesthetic was clearly different. And to be honest, I usually preferred the fabrics used by Spurr.

If people are on the fence, now would probably be a good time to stock up. Won't be disappointed.