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Black suit - shirt/tie combo?

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I have a wedding coming up and only have a black suit.

Whats a good color/pattern combo for the tie and shirt for a black suit?

Easy mode: I may most likely just stick with a white shirt but feel free to recommend short ideas.
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white or pale grey covered placket shirt, every button including collar buttoned, no tie. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I would personally do a white shirt for a clean and simple look. I can also see a white shirt with light gray stripes working as well as a white/black gingham pattern.
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Just don't wear a black tie unless you're bringing Dan Akroyd to this wedding with you.
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What is the dress code, should you wear a wedding tie etc?
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Dress code is just middle class formal I guess lol. So basically just a suit for the event. No one is going to be nitpicking too much. I just wanna look decent

I usually just wear this nice grey silver tie to these events but I heard all the groomsman are wearing that plus I was getting a bit bored of it
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Any color solid pastel shirt with matching argyle socks, and a thin black tie.  I'd keep it simple.

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white shirt...
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Only combo I know with black suit is white shirt and black tie.
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Perhaps I am doing it wrong, but I wore a bright purple shirt to the last wedding I attended.  

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Bump also the wedding is in a few days and tomorrow is like the only day I will get a chance to buy
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Then just grab whatever will take you as far away as possible from looking like you're attending a funeral, while being subdued enough that you don't take attention away from the bride and groom. This is SF where black suits are generally frowned upon. But unless you're going to an SF-themed wedding, who cares? As long as your suit fits and isn't threadbare or full of moth holes, nobody will be the wiser. Have fun.

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