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Originally Posted by Kasper
A lot of the references here I don't understand at all. I guess not experiencing the posts of such former members as Ernest and Josh keeps a person from ever really feeling a part of the camaraderie.
you're not missing anything. ernest, and the cult of ernest, were annoying. ernest would turn every interesting thread into his personal blog, and then his fan club (i won't name names) would inject ernest jokes into every other thread. 'dunheel' and 'brown is for farmer' got old real fast.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
I'd say it was somewhere in the middle (circa 2003-5)

one aspect I've always found amusement in is how there are some posters who dish out advice/opinions and it's the equivalent of a virgin giving out advice/opinons on being a good lover. Sure, he looks at a lot of porn, jacks off daily, has been to strip clubs and gotten a lapdance, and MIGHT have even gotten a handjob once.....but he's never had sex and he's dishing out advice on being Casanova.

Definitely agree with this. This is why I tend to lurk more than post , although now I suppose I can offer a little more insight into the SW&D discussion. There are only a few members though who when I read their posts I audibly groan, but what can you do? At some point, someone will get annoyed and tell them off, and hopefully they will go back to lurking
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Just wasted some of my employer's time, perusing this thread--a nice trip down memory lane with Ernest, Kalra (surprised nobody mentioned his putative return as "Styleman"), the T4Phage-Shooman wars, the short-lived appearance of ClassyFreddy, et al. However, it amazes me that there could have been 92 posts on the Golden Age of SF without a single mention of the infamous...

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