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How important are fingernail?

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I chew my nails, a habit Ive tried to break since I was young. Im still trying to stop, but really, how imprtant are nice clean fingernails to girls, Im not saying that theres nothing wrong with thick dirt under the nails, but I mean do girls prefer nails that look manicured?
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Girls will definatly notice well kept hands. They dont have to be manicured or anything, but just make sure they don't look as if you've been chewing on them. Simply clip them every three days or so, and most important don't chew on your cuticuls. You look immature and nervous while you chew your nails. Picture a CEO biting his nails at a board meeting. Would you be able to take him seriously? It comes off as a sign of weakness. I have heard that girls will look how well a mans fingernails are before she checks out what brand his watch is. Can you blame them? They don't want a guy touching them with disgusting fingers even if he does have a Patek on. I know this is a hard habit to get into (i can't follow it religiously, but i alway make sure their trimmed on weekend nites), but it dosn't take that long to do. AND i have recieved compliment before, so it does pay off.
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Yeah, I think that girls would appreciate that we not touch them will dirt-filled fingernails. I've noticed that a lot of times when I work out, I have dirt under my nails. Anyone else? But anyway, just keep your nails a good length and clean. You ought to be fine. You don't need to manicure them. However, I've been wanting to do something like Mel Gibson did in What Women Want. I think it'd be a relaxing experience. I'm thinking it might be seen as a little fruity.
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