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I disagree, when I was "younger" (and i would have you believe that I am now 21) I wore brogues. What is not for younger people is the costs associated with long lasting shoes, they seem to have other things to spend their money on, cars women and Jack Daniels etc... What is for older people is the value concept associated with good shoes and the capacity to work out that the actual cost of a pair of shoes is the annual cost over the life of the shoe and perhaps the though of having an old friend on your feet.


I actually like the style of AE over Aldens, because it is slightly less boxy, as for the olive garden I though that was only on The Big Bang Theory, do you mean that it really exists?

Yep it exists...  and people in these parts love it because they give you extra plates so you can buy 1 meal and share it with more than 1 person.  They buy one meal for their 4 kids and make them fill up on the endless breadsticks...  then proceed to not tip the waiter.  Also, the food is disgusting.

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Sounds disgusting, although in Australia we do not tip waiters, the assumption is that they are paid a wage to do the job, It's now funny to think that when I was a boy I used to complain about not getting desert because I refused to eat Pumpkin, perhaps I was not so hard done by.


As to the shoes, I hope that my comment made good sense

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