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Hello everyone,


My name is Paulo and I appreciate fine clothing and shoes. I am here to learn and spend some money.


Have a great day,



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hi all,

i am new here. I was  so happy I found this site with a lot of friendly members. besides, I would have more fun with finding many fashionable clothes.


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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself according to the rules. I've been lurking around publicly for awhile now (thanks for having such an open forum FYI) and thought I should make an account. I'm just starting to pay attention to the quality, fit, and style of clothing as I'm very much in favor of the mantra "buy once, cry once, quality isn't cheap". You all have been very informative in helping to guide me towards better decisions and I look forward to providing whatever meager contributions I can.

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Hi All, My name is Michael Clarke. I love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I hope i can solve your problems and i think you can also do this for me. Thanks

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Hope everyone is well. I am looking for a pair of tan suede double monk shoes either size 10 or 10.5. Similar to the ones sold by Howard Yount.  I prefer leather sole vs rubber.  Any sellers or any recommendations? I do not care if they are pre-owned or new.  Thanks, Paulo

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Hi i am ajaye from new delhi. I have researched the styleforum discussions often in the past without joining. But now i have come to ask for specific advices directly. I know this is a helpful community.
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